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A recent comment: “Hello. I was happy to find you. I actually found you online through a Google search for gospel tracts. I downloaded the one titled “The Comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” I’m going to start handing them out as the Holy Spirit leads me and placing them in places where people can take one. God bless you and thank you for this resource!” – Terry W.


(No charge for downloading the PDF file; any donation would be greatly appreciated – all rights reserved)

1) The Comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

img_20180721_150321.jpgWhere do you go to find comfort when faced with challenges, trials, hardships, or disappointments?

Some seek their comfort in alcohol, drugs, or sex. Others seek their comfort in man-centered philosophy, or in the keeping of religious rituals and ceremonies; still others by dedicating their lives to social causes.

All of these may bring a temporary form of comfort but they will never be the kind of comfort that is lasting, not just in life but also in death. Is there a better, more lasting solution?

The answer is definitely yes! Let’s consider the only true comfort in life and in death, which is found only in God, our Creator, Judge, Redeemer, and Heavenly Father. . . .

Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format


2) Are You Saved? – 12 Truths You Must Know

IMG_20180721_154809.jpgThere are only two answers to that question: you are either saved or you are not!
Some may say that the question is irrelevant, not seeing their need to be saved.

Others may reply, “Saved from What?” or “If God is a loving God, He Wouldn’t send anyone to hell, Would He?”

Others might say their works will be enough to get them to heaven. In that case, the best they could say is, “I hope so.”

The 12 truths summarized in this tract will help you understand your need to be saved, saved from what and God’s way of salvation.

You Will learn, “salvation belongs to the Lord . . . the god of our salvation.” (psalms 3:8; 68:19) . . .

Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format


3) ¿Es usted salvo? – *12 verdades que debe saber* 


Existen solo dos respuestas para esa pregunta: o es salvo o no lo es.

 Algunos dirán que la pregunta es irrelevante, y no ven su necesidad de ser salvos. Quizá respondan: ¿salvados de qué? O tal vez pregunten: si Dios es un Dios que ama, no enviaría a nadie el infierno, no es así?

 Otros dirán quizás que sus obras serán suficientes para que lleguen al cielo. En este caso, lo mejor que pudieran decir es: ojalá llegue al cielo.

 Las 12 verdades resumidas en este tratado le ayudarán a comprender su necesidad de ser salvo, salvado de qué y la salvación a la manera de Dios.

 Aprenderá que “la salvación es de Jehová…el Dios de nuestra salvación”. (Salmo 3:8; 68:19)

Click here to download entire tract: ¿Es usted salvo?

4) Truth

img_20180721_150418.jpgDoes truth change?

Who determines what is true, or truth?

How you answer these questions is matter of life and death; a matter of bondage and freedom.

Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format




5) There is Good News! – A Pocket Tract


Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format


6) Hay Buenas Noticias – There is Good News (Spanish Translation)


Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format


7) What Next! . . . 

IMG_20180721_150523.jpgNow that you have come to Christ for Salvation

The new life in Christ is a life filled with a desire to live for Him who has saved it. By the grace of God through faith you have come to Christ for salvation, putting your trust in His redeeming work on the cross for you and resting in His care for you.  Because of His great love for you it is your desire to live for Him and serve Him from a thankful heart for such a great redemption from your sin and misery.

This desire does not come naturally.  It is a desire put in your heart by the Holy Spirit. It is one of several fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23; 1 John 4:7-11).  It is this love that comes from God that is to drive us, as believers in Christ, to live for Him in thankfulness to Him. Living for Christ our Savior in thankfulness to Him is an out flowing of being a new person in Him. You might say, “it is impossible that those who are implanted into Christ by true faith, should not bring forth fruits of thankfulness” (Heidelberg Catechism #64).

So the question that ought to come to your mind as a new believer in Christ is “What do I do next to develop my love for God and strengthen my desire to live in thankfulness to Him as I walk by faith in Jesus Christ my Lord?”

Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format


8) What is Reformation Gospel Ministries?


Click here to download entire tract: PDF – Tract Format

9) The First Christmas Gift

The Christmas gift from God was given so that all who receive that gift by faith will have eternal life – Those who reject the gift will suffer eternal damnation

It’s the tract that will bring joy to some and sorrow to others as it testifies of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the perfect gift for the season!

Click link to download tract (4 tracts on a single sheet; both sides): The First Christmas Gift- PDF

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