DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! There is a battle that is raging against God, His written word (the Bible), and His people (true believers in Jesus Christ)! This battle is being waged by those who seek to undermine the veracity of the historical events recorded in the Bible, beginning with Genesis Chapter One. (The article linked here... Continue Reading →

Is there hope under Christianized Evolution?

"Evolution, in any form, adds nothing to the Gospel of Christ and, consistently applied, seriously diminishes Christian hope, if not destroys it altogether." (Philip Bell, Creation Research Institute, article published February 7, 2019, "Evolution: a message of hope? Why humanity’s origin matters") For the full article, click on link below: Evolution: Message of Hope?

Living Fossils Evidence the Truth and Accuracy of the Bible and the Gospel Record

Living fossils speak in support of the Genesis account of a universal flood, Noah's flood (Genesis Chapters 7-8); not an evolutionary process as conventional thought would have us believe. The Bible is the infallible, inerrant, inspired word of God. It is an eyewitness account recorded by Moses as he was moved by God to write.... Continue Reading →

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