This 3 minute reminds that we have so elevated our opinions that we will not stop and listen; stop, even, to listen to God speak to us through His written word. How often we are too busy "speaking our mind" to stop and listen to God speak to us through His word! We forget that... Continue Reading →


Please keep in prayer the tract distribution at the Sioux Center parade tomorrow (5 p.m.). RGM is participating in the parade with volunteers (about 6) walking along the parade route handing out bags with 2 tracts (one English, the other Spanish) and a piece of candy in each one.   The parade is well attended... Continue Reading →

Pictures from Gospel in the Park – June 1, 2019

Reformation Gospel Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your donations will help continue this work of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and to provide free events, literature, book and tracts. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed under the law. Soli Deo Gloria!

Vounteers Needed . . .

This Saturday will be participating in the Summer Celebration Parade; passing out tracts along the parade route. These are very short parades, about 4 to 5 blocks long but there are many people from the community and the surrounding area who attend. What a great opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! Reformation Gospel... Continue Reading →

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