Do It with Love

As Christians we must always speak the truth, even to our own personal peril. This is especially true when facing those who oppose the gospel message. In the verse above we are to be watchful for those who speak in error, either in ignorance or deliberately, who seek to lead us away from the faith... Continue Reading →

Carbon dating—who is fooling who? – Being Fooled Leads to a Foolish Gospel Message!

At a recent 'dog and pony' show on evolution put on by one of our local institutions, carbon dating and other methods of dating where set forth as reliable means of determining the age of the earth. however, science has proven these methods to be very unreliable, as the article linked below carefully shows. In... Continue Reading →

Scripture Interprets Scripture – A Fundamental Truth to Keep our Opinions and Interpretations of Reality in Check

The article linked below is an excellent essay on how the rest of Scripture understands what was recorded in Genesis; that is, that the people and events recorded in the first Eleven Chapters of Genesis are real people and real events. You will see with undoubted clarity that the whole gospel message is based on... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our first Event in 2018 - The Indoor Market Fair, Sioux Center We at Reformation Gospel Ministries would like to thank the LORD for all of you who have supported this work with your many prayers and donations, without which this work would have not been to accomplish the spreading of the gospel through the... Continue Reading →

Ape to Man Evolution Exposed as Myth by Science (Affirming the Historical Biblical Record of Creation)

Source: The myth of ape-to-human evolution - We have been told for many years by prominent scientists that "science" has "proven" that the Genesis account of the origins of life is wrong. They say that "scientific data" tells us that the universe has existed for billions of years and that man evolved from a... Continue Reading →

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