Videos – Creation vs. Evolution Conference, Dublin, Ireland – May 21, 2022

There is much evidence to overthrow any notion that the false teaching of evolution, whether it’s geology, anthropology, paleontology, cosmic, or biology. Evolution is the religion of the atheist, and their god is nature – woe to those who don’t repent of holding onto evolution in whatever form it may take, lest the Lord says to you in Day of Judgment, “Depart from me, I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:21-23)

Three presentations were made, plus a Q & A session; here are the videos and a couple of pictures taken during the conference:

“Creation! Credible Answers for an Incredulous World” (Delivered by Gavin Cox of Creation Ministries International–UK [“CMI-UK”]: 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to give an answer for the hope that is in us, as believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ – Gavin gives credible answers to some of the more pressing questions concern our faith and hope in the living Savior, Jesus – I couldn’t edit the first 11 minutes for some reason; so, I would suggest skipping to the 11 minute mark where the presentation actually begins.)

“Human Race: Specially Created!” (Delivered by Lucien Tuinstra, CMI-UK: The Scientific evidence supporting the biblical revelation/teaching that we are one race; the human race – not different races of people with one more superior than the other as the evolutionists believe)

“Radiometric Dating for Rock-Lovers” (Delivered by Lucien Tuinstra, CMI-UK: This is a truncated version of the presentation; however, good info is given and resources suggested for further investigation by those who are looking for answers to questions related to the geology of the earth that we observe today, which gives evidence of a young earth as revealed in God’s written word, the Bible – 1,000s of years old; not millions or billions of years old)

Q & A Session (Lucien Tuinstra, CMI-UK: answers questions posed by those in attendance to conference)

Video: People are getting ready for the conference to begin – there are more people than expected – Praise the Lord!

People are gathering for the Creation vs. Evolution Conference  
Posing in front of the Royal Marine Hotel in Dublin, Ireland – From Left to Right: Rev. Richard Stetler, CEO, Reformation Gospel Ministries; Gavin Cox, CMI-UK; Rev.Mark Fitzpatrick, Pastor, Araan Reformed Baptist Church, Dublin, Ireland; Lucien Tuinstra, CMI-UK; Ezekiel, a recent immigrant from Goy, India attending Araan RBC

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