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Other Resources:

CMI logo   Creation Ministries International – An excellent resource to learn about what science really says about evolution and how science fits perfectly with or rather is best interpreted through the historical & Biblical account recorded in Genesis and elsewhere in the Bible.

Genesis Verse by Verse – CMI – an excellent study tool on Genesis, Chapters 1-11

Solidly Biblical Sermons – Sermons that are Biblically sound proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Creation Conferences – See if there is a Creation conference near you.

Links to Churches and Denominational Websites:


Reformed Church in the United States

Canadian Reformed Churches

United Reformed Churches in North America


Covenant Reformed Church, San Diego, CA

Rehoboth Reformed Church, Cerritos, CA

Peace Reformed Church, Garner, IA

Grace Reformed Church, Dickinson, ND

Grace Reformed Church, Lancaster, CA

Doon United Reformed Church, Doon, IA

Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church, Chilliwack, BC

Redeemer United Reformed Church, Orange City, IA

Cornerstone United Reformed Church, Sanborn, IA

Walker United Reformed Church, Walker, MI

Rock Valley United Reformed Church, Rock Valley, IA

Covenant Reformed Church of Kansas City, MO

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