What is Reformation Gospel Ministries (RGM)?

Reformation Gospel Ministries (“RGM”) is a work that has as its goal the presentation of the riches of the mercies of God and His abounding grace, as we bring to sinners the gospel message of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and expressed in the confessions and creeds of the Protestant Reformation. As the Holy Spirit graciously works in a person’s heart and mind, we pray that the unbeliever will come to understand his own hopeless state before a holy and righteous God; and in understanding his helpless condition without Jesus Christ, repents of his sins and come to faith in Jesus Christ, resting in Him alone for the forgiveness of sins, salvation, righteousness and everlasting life.

Furthermore, this work is dedicated to assisting local congregations in their God-given responsibility to preach the Gospel and disciple the nations (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20). We seek to come alongside of and partner with churches in order to give aid to them in accomplishing this divine mandate to spread the gospel message within the community where they are located.1 With God’s blessing, according to His abounding grace, His Church will increase until the last of His elect is brought into the kingdom of the Son of His love,” Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that we will labor in the Lord as we seek to hasten the Day of Lord in His Second Coming (2 Peter 3:9-13; Colossians 1:13).

As part of this ministry, we are field testing various ways to effectively engage the lost with the gospel message. These include conducting different types of evangelism events such as one-on-one distribution of gospel tracts (either door-to-door or in places of public gatherings; i.e., parks, community events, etc.) Canopy evangelism events will also be organized and conducted, as the Lord provides us opportunity. At these evangelism events the Biblical and Reformed Gospel message will be proclaimed and will include gospel singing groups, singing Biblically sound lyrics in a variety of genres. After the message we seek to engage in one-on-one witnessing opportunities to answer questions and respond to concerns by those hearing the gospel message. The goal here is to go out to the “highways and by-ways” and call as many as can be found to repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ, gathering them to the wedding feast, as it is described in Matthew 22:10 – so that they might know the eternal comfort of belonging to our faithful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Other events (i.e., conferences and seminars) are being organized to give instruction on various Biblical topics (i.e., creation, authority of Scripture, the five “Solas,” evangelism and witnessing, etc.).  As such, these types of events will serve to introduce Reformed principles of the Faith to those seeking clarity on the many precious jewels of truths mined from God’s word.

Our first effort in this on-going work was in the form of writing and publishing gospel tracts. These tracts draw from the Heidelberg Catechism to provide an uncompromised presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simplified format. As a result, we have published the following tracts for distribution:

  • “The Comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” (Also in Spanish and Telugu)
  • “Are You Saved?” – 12 Truths You Must know to be Saved (Also in Spanish and Telugu)
  • “What Next!” – A tract to help the new believer to get started in his new journey in Christ
  • “There is Good News!” – a pocket tract communicating the Gospel message in brief from the Bible (Plus, Spanish, Telugu and Hindi versions)
  • “Truth” – to answer the question, “What is truth?” – according to Scripture

May God bless those who read the Gospel of Jesus Christ with eyes of understanding and a believing heart – the Good News that delivers sinners, like you and me, from all our sin and misery!

In addition to the gospel tracts, RGM purchases books and materials to assist the believing community to defend the faith and embolden them as they reach out to the lost with the gospel message without compromise. These books and materials are given away without charge at many of our activities and community events.


Over the past couple of years we have begun to take the message of the gospel to other countries; such as, Liberia, India and Nigeria; and more recently we have been able to support evangelistic ministries in Kenya and Peru. We have supported these ministries with Bibles, books on Reformed doctrine and gospel tracts in English and other languages. Our gospel tracts have been translated into Spanish; and Telugu and Hindi, native languages of India.

We are also partnering with Reformed ministries in Ireland and Germany. We are co-sponsoring with a small Reformed Baptist church in Dublin, Ireland a creation conference there with speakers from Creation Ministries International, UK. In Germany, we are looking at helping to support a Reformed seminary in Giessen, Germany and a church plant in Tubingen, Germany (south of Stuttgart) and possibly a church plant in eastern Germany.


You are invited to join us as a volunteer at any of our events and activities we have scheduled – please check the “Calendar” on our website for the next scheduled event.

If you are not able to join us at the events, you are invited to pray for this work – your prayer support is much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

We are a faith-funded work and rely on God and the faithfulness of His people to continue this work and would humbly receive the blessing of your financial support, if the Lord puts it in your heart to do so – you may make your tax deductible contribution either by check made payable to “RGM,” or by going to our website and select the method that fits you to make a contribution to this important work in the Lord. Reformation Gospel Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

[1] Reformation Gospel Ministries is organized with a seven member board of directors consisting of Reformed ministers and elders, who desire to work together with other churches in spreading the biblical gospel message to those who sit in darkness, without hope. Rev. Richard is the CEO and a minister of the Reformed Church in the United States under the oversight of Covenant East Classis

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