Board of Directors

  • Rev. Stetler worked about 30 years in residential, investment and corporate real estate
  • In the year 2000, he began his seminary studies at New Geneva Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs, CO and graduated cum laude six years later with a M.Div Degree at age 52
  • He received a call to Eureka Reformed Church, a member congregation of the Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS). Having sustained his licensure examine, he began supplying the pulpit there October 1st of 2006
  • On April 15th, 2007 he was ordained a Minister of the Word in the RCUS
  • He served in Eureka, SD for 7 years; then, was called to pastor Grace Reformed Church and began serving there October, 2013, until May, 2016
  • In December of 2016, he established Reformation Gospel Ministries to work with and alongside Reformed Churches in various types of evangelistic efforts
  • In March of 2019, due to his wife’s on-going health problems the Western Classis of the RCUS graciously granted him retirement status so as to continue to labor as an ordained minister. His credentials were then transferred to Covenant East Classis
  • Rev. Stetler and his wife, Heidi, are members of Peace Reformed Church (RCUS), Garner, IA
  • His passion and heart’s desire is to spread the Gospel of Christ whether in the pulpit, in places of public gatherings, parks, or on the streets through tract distribution, preaching, one-on-one witnessing, conferences and seminars. . . “for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16)

ALFRED WHITE, Secretary – an elder of Covenant Reformed Church (RCUS), San Diego, CA – has served as an original board member since 2017

MICHAEL GRIMES, Treasurer – An elder of Grace Reformed Church (RCUS), Lancaster, CA – has served as an original board member since 2017

REV. GIL BALOY – RCUS, Pastor of Covenant Reformed Church, San Diego, CA – has served as an original board member since 2017

REV. MICHAEL VOYTEK – RCUS, Pastor of Grace Reformed Church, Dickinson, ND – has served as a board member since 2018

DR. SACHA WALICORD – United Reformed Churches in North America, Pastor of Walker United Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI – has served as a board member since 2020

MIKE KRABBENDAM – An elder of Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church (Can&AmerRC), Chilliwack, BC, Canada – has served as an original board member since 2017

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