Evangelism Event in the Park – Praise!

The evangelism event went well. At first, there weren’t very many people. However, after asking the Lord to bring those who need to hear the gospel people started to show up. While there a lot of people who and sat to listen (about 15-17), there were many more who listening from a distance (stopped counting at just over 20). The Lord most assuredly brought all of them to hear the gospel preached by Rev. Stetler and sung by the “Men of Praise.” Praise the Lord!

I had noticed that a Hispanic family had stopped to listen from a park bench close to the street. Afterward, I approached them and asked if they were able to hear the message and singing. They said they did, but there was a language barrier to their understanding of what was said. So I gave them a Spanish translation of the tract, “There is Good News.” They received them with a smile and began to read it. On the way back to the main area of the event, I asked the Lord to bless them with the tract, and come to salvation in Christ alone by faith alone in repentance of their sins.

The whole event was a blessing. I thank the Lord for all came out in support of it and participated in it. We gave away some free literature and had good conversations some of the people in the park. There is video of the event that is being prepared. In the meantime, I made an audio recording of it, which is linked below:

Audio Recording of the Park Evangelism Event in Sioux Center on August 18, 2018

I pray the Lord will bless you, also, as you listen.

In Christ,

Rev. Stetler

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