Up for a Good Story – Cosmologists have a Doozy They have been Telling for Years!

Whose up for a good story? Apparently cosmologists have a doozy for you – the Big Bang story is more about anti-Creator, anti-God philosophy than about science. Next year on April 27th, Reformation Gospel Ministries will be holding an evangelism conference to address the issue of whether the science you learned is real science or just make believe storytelling by well meaning teachers, who don’t know any better. Today, science is more about maintaining the storyline rather than drawing conclusions from science. It is a false religion where there is no Creator God, or at best a god who is subject to the natural laws He created, a deistic god of sorts. Start making plans to attend this free conference in Sioux Center, Iowa where the speaker, Joel Tay of Creation Ministries Internation will be presenting ways to properly and biblically respond to the ‘fake’ science that is being taught your children and perhap what you grew up with in school. More details will be available soon. In the meantime, the article below is good read that will whet your appetite as you seek to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and defend the historical accounts revealed in God’s word, the Bible – the accounts are true because God is the Eyewitness to the events record in the Bible, not because science says so; science, true science (not the fairytales conceived by sinful men), only reinforces what is already known to be true. – Soli Deo Gloria!


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