Christmas: A Time of Joy and Hope – A Christmas Sermon Delivered December 18, 2022

Message Delivered in the Worship Service at Peace Reformed Church, Garner, IA

Sermon Text: Luke 1:39-56

By: Rev. Richard Stetler

Click here for Sermon Outline

NOTE: the audio is not very good – Rev. Stetler forgot the wireless transmitter that connects the church sound system to the video camera

NOTE ALSO: It is hoped that future recordings will have better audio as well as the worship service being broadcast live each Lord’s Day, or as often as Rev. Stetler is filling pulpit, a new full-time minister is called – a search is in progress.

Next Week the Sermon will be, Lord willing: “The Meaning of Christmas: The Birth of Jesus Christ” – It is hope that the worship service will be broadcast live (the sermon at the least will uploaded):

Click here to watch the live broadcast on Christmas Day – May the Blessings of the Lord be showered on you in this time of Remembering the birth the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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