Video Footage of the Open-Air Evangelism Event in Sioux Center

Though the number of people who were in attendance was small (8 souls and another 8 souls listening from a distance – I was told by a person sitting with the distant listeners that they could hear the message clearly through the PA system), it was a blessing to be able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ at the Park. We rejoice in the Lord for bringing those who heard the message and pray the Lord will work grace in the hearts of those there, drawing them to Himself for salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

The following are two video segments to the message delivered. Not the best of quality but hopefully will be edifying nonetheless. The missing segment has already been posted to Facebook and can be found on the Reformation Gospel Ministries Facebook page (The third video got corrupted when copying it to my computer, so wasn’t able to include it in this posting to the website). Below the videos is a schedule of future events to keep in your prayers – Thank you:


Please continue to keep us in prayer as we continue to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through different means and opportunities. The next week there two things happening:

June 11 (tomorrow) at 8:40 I will be interviewed on the local radio station (KSOU, 93.9 FM, 1090 AM) about Reformation Gospel Ministries. The name of the program is the “Daily Grind.”

June15th and 16th (this coming Friday and Saturday) – we will set up a table with free literature, Bibles and tracts at the Hope Haven Music Festival. Will keep you posted on the times we will be there.

In July:

July 14th (Saturday) we will be participating, Lord willing, in the Hull SummerFest Parade. The parade starts at 10:00 a.m. and like the Sioux Center parade we will handing out bags with candy and a gospel tract.

In August:

We are looking at the possibility of participating a parade in Rock Valley on the 11th. Will keep you posted as details become available

August 18th, we are in the planning stage of hold another Open-Air Evangelism Event at Sioux Center Park. The date needs to be verified with the City and we are hoping that we be able to have live music as part of the event. Will also keep you posted as details develop.

In September:

September 1st (the first Wednesday) Lord willing, we will begin an in-home outreach Bible study. More details will be given as time progresses.

Possible Future Events:

We are also looking at hosting this year, Lord willing, a community outreach viewing of a Creation Ministries International video production, “Alien Invasion.” An excellent Biblical view on UFO’s and what they are really about. Details will be made available as soon as possible.

And then finally, if possible, we would like to organize a creation conference utilizing a guest speaker from Creation Ministries International. Their speakers are scientist who at one time held to evolution but by the grace of God came to understand and hold to the Biblical historical account of creation (hold to the literal six ordinary day creation, revealed in Genesis Chapter One – a doctrine/teaching that is an essential part of the Biblical Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ).

While we make our plans, we understand know well that God is one who directs our paths, and are eager to embrace by faith His perfect will for RGM. In directing our paths is whether He will providing the funding for these events. Reformation Gospel Ministries is dependent upon the Lord to move supporters (individuals, organizations, and corporations) to donate to this efforts of RGM. Please pray about making a tax-deductible donation to RGM (a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization), as allowed under the Law.  We also need volunteers to help at these events and we especially need your prayers; for without your prayers asking the Lord to bless this work we only labor in vain.

To make a donation, please go to:, click on the “Donation” tab. (FYI, those who have made donations through Facebook, your donations have not been forwarded to RGM and the donation button that I set up on the page is not working, either; so I would encourage you to go the website to make your contribution(s) until further notice.)

Your servant in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Rev. Richard Stetler

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