Spreading the Gospel at a Music Festival

IMG_20180615_190946.jpgYesterday evening and this evening (June 16th) we have a table at the Hope Haven Music Festival. This 2-day event is drawing many from the community to hear gospel music from country style hymns, to country gospel songs, to contemporary Christian.

It is a blessing to make available literature proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to talk to a few people about Reformation Gospel Ministries and its mission to reach out to the lost who are sitting in darkness, without having a right understanding of the Gospel, as revealed in the Bible. It is so sad to see just how watered down the gospel message has become. It is not so much what is said or sung; it is more of what is NOT said or sung.  Oftentimes the gospel message will be nothing more than a feel good message, and in one case it was said, “because of Christ’s death on the cross God has to love me” [Emphasis mine].  While there is a certain amount of truth involved there a whole lot of unspoken false teaching may to be implied from this statement as being a part of the “gospel”; i.e., universal salvation, God loves because Christ died on the cross, not that Christ died because of His everlasting love set on those whom He has chosen. Without any further explanation, which there wasn’t, one could walk away feeling good about himself or herself, claiming this obscure statement to justify continued living in sin, not to mention the real significance of Christ’s death on cross, doing what no one is able, much less willing to do, being dead in his/her trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1-3). That is, Christ died on the cross to bear the penalty for sin in His body and soul, enduring  the eternal wrath of God against the sin of His Chosen Ones, obtaining on their behalf the forgiveness of sins. Not only that, but also delivering them from the bondage to sin, freeing all who come to Christ in true faith to serve the Living and only True God by grace alone through faith alone. Then by His resurrection, give all who in Him by faith the assurance of everlasting life in eternal blessedness to praise Him and glory Him forever.

The work of Reformation Gospel Ministries is vital in getting out the true and complete Gospel message of Jesus Christ. More importantly, as it Mission Statement it is important to work, not in competition, but in conjunction with local congregations, who share a like faith and desire to reach out into their communities with an uncompromised or watered downed gospel message.

It is our desire to come along side congregations that are struggling to develop their own evangelism approach or which have a desire to reach out in their communities consistently but lack the resources to do so.  However, RGM needs your support to develop and grow this work to fulfill it mission in help local churches fulfill their evangelism mandate as commanded by our Savior, Jesus Christ and recorded in Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19-20.

Your monthly or one-time contributions will be greatly appreciated in the furtherance of the gospel. Moreover, your prayers will also be greatly appreciated as we know all too well that we are in spiritual battle against forces outside and from inside many churches that would love to destroy the Christian faith and the salvation that is in Christ alone.

To make your tax-deductible donation, as allow by law click on the donate link below:


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