URGENT UPDATE – RE:  “Creation Not Confusion Conference” (April 27, 2019)

The Indoor Market Fair was a great success. We gave away 21 Bibles and a lot of other books, gospel tracts. We had many wonderful conversations with those who stop at our booth. Many people indicated an interest in attending the conference. It was very encouraging.

In preparation of the conference prayer will be on the top of list. We are praying that God will use the conference to, first of all, bring sinners to faith in Jesus Christ, all who are appointed to salvation, as the gospel message is preached. Second, we are praying that God will use the conference to help believers in the community to get some clarity on the creation/evolution confusion, especially since evolution is being promoted in certain churches, contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture in Genesis Chapter One and elsewhere. Third, praying for volunteers to bring snacks and to help ensure the conference goes smoothly.

In addition to the Saturday presentations, Joel Tay, will be making two presentations on Sunday, April 28th at two different churches; one presentation at Sioux Center United Reformed Church in the morning, and the other at Redeemer United Reformed Church, Orange City, in evening.  At those two presentations no sales of books will be allowed by the churches on the Lord’s Day. As a result Reformation Gospel Ministries is purchasing books to make available free of charge for those who are in attendance.  A picture of the books that have been purchased so far is below:

We purchased: 20 – “The Creation Answers Book”; 12 – “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels”; 5 each of the children’s books (the big books in back); 10 – 15 “Reasons to Take Genesis as History”; 10 – “Stones and Bones.” We will need to duplicate this purchase two more times at a cost of nearly $500 for each order.

We need donations: Your Donation of any amount will help ensure that we are able to make these much needed purchases. Click on the tab above, “Donate” to make your donation.

For a donation of $20 or more we will send you a T-shirt (pictured below), while supplies last, as our way of saying “Thank you” for generous donation – tax deductible as allowed under the law. We have sizes from small to 2XL. Click on the link below and let us know what size you desire: RefGosMin@gmail.com


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