In God’s Providence we will be cancelling the Gospel in the Park for this evening due to unfavorable weather conditions and because my recovery from surgery has taken longer than anticipated. Though I had cancelled the event earlier this week because of the latter reason, we would most like would have cancelled it anyway because of the weather conditions today and not wanting to take a chance on exposing the electronic equipment to inclement weather, which may or may not clear up by 7 p.m.
Currently working with the Klassen Family Singers to schedule the next Gospel in the Park sometime in August, Lord willing.
In August, Reformation Gospel Ministries (www.ReformationGospelMinistries.org) is planning not only a Gospel in the Park event in Sioux Center, but we will also be planning to have a booth at the Dordt University “Taste of Sioux Center” event for new and returning students, where we plan to hand out, amongst other material, a student survival guide, published by Creation Ministries International, to help students to give a reasonable, Biblical answer to those who question or deny six-day creation, the fall of Adam and Eve, and the Noah’s global flood that are recorded in the first Chapters of Genesis.
We are also pleased to announce that RGM is planning to rent space at the Farmer’s Market in Orange City for at least one Saturday morning in August. We will set up a table there to give away Bibles, booklets, DVD’s and gospel tracts to those who come to the booth.
Please keep RGM in your prayers and consider to make RGM a regular part of your donations to charitable organizations, as we seek to spread the gospel throughout this area, the mid-west, the nation, and even overseas (we are providing tracts to a mission work in Liberia, having recently found a way to get Bible, books, and other material there free of charge).
To make a donate click on the link below, go to the donate tab where you can select the most convenient way for you to make a tax deductible donation:

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