RGM Ministry Update – May, 2021

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.”   (Romans 1:18-19 NKJ)

In these verses we understand that sinners don’t need to be persuaded of God’s existence – they already know He exists. It is because of the darkness of the sinner’s soul; the pride, rebellion and hatred toward God the sinner’s eyes are blinded to the truth. In that blindness he or she suppresses the truth that God exists. Though the sinner loves his sin, there are consequences to sin, both in this life and in the life to come. The wrath of God will come upon all who “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”  This truth will help any believer in Jesus Christ, who spreads the message of the Gospel to the lost, understand that no matter how passionately and convincingly the sinner denies the existence of God, he or she knows that God does exist. In fact, every human being knows deep down that God exists but refuses to acknowledge what he or she already knows to be true. The sinner only suppresses the truth in order to justify his or her sinful, wicked ways; their unrighteousness. According to their sin nature they will always reject the existence of the true and living God, who made the heavens and earth in six ordinary days by the power of His word. They know deep down that the gods they have made up in their own imaginations are not real. Yet, they cannot but hang on to these false gods being slaves to their own wants and desires. Nonetheless, there is good news!

The apostle Paul declared in verse 16 that the Gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation. However, in order to fully comprehend and appreciate the magnitude of God’s saving grace in the gospel the sinner must first understand his or her hopeless state and helpless condition before the God they deny exists. We do that by pointing out that their arguments are nonsensical and their justifications are foolishness. We tear down their “strongholds” exposing them for what they are; weak barriers to justify their sinful lifestyle, their rebellion and blindness (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). Every argument the unbeliever gives to justify his or her unbelief can be torn down by the word of God. We can also tear down their arguments by using general revelation. General revelation screams the existence of God, just as we are told in the verses above. General Revelation (i.e., science) is the evidence that what Scriptures teach us is true from Genesis Chapter 1 to Revelation Chapter 22. Every element of the historical record in the Bible can never be shown to be false by general revelation; whether it is the historical accounts in Genesis of the creation of all that exists to the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve that plunged all of mankind under the curse of sin to the worldwide flood and Noah’s ark; or whether it is historical records from the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites on dry land to the virgin birth of Jesus Christ; to His death and resurrection. The God who made all that exists is the same God who moved men by the Holy Spirit to write down everything that He did; when He did it and how He did it – to deny truth and accuracy of any element of Scripture is to call God a liar; and if a liar, He is not God and random chance is all that there is. (Note: Doesn’t it make better sense that the Creator of that exists would be the best interpreter of it and the most qualified to tell us when He made it, how He made it and for what purpose? Of course He it!)

For example, we know all that God has revealed to us in the Bible is true; and science or general revelation supports what Scriptures tells us concerning the origins of life and all that followed to the present; a period of about 6,000 years.

One area of science that is growing in its support of the biblical account of the history of man is genetics.  Genetic research is showing more and more that evolution is an impossible theory. In fact, genetics is proving to be the dead blow to evolution. On the other hand, it has become more and more evident that the best explanation to what is being discovered in genetic research is found in Scriptures, in the Bible.

Reformation Gospel Ministries has organized and is sponsoring a conference, “It’s in the Genes.” The conference speaker will be Dr. Robert C. Carter, a research geneticist of Creation Ministries International. It will be held on august 21, 2021 in Sioux Center, IA. For more information and to register for this free conference, you can go to our website at ReformationGospelMinistries.org.

Text Box: Please Note: this ministry cannot labor alone in this broad outreach of the gospel both here and in other parts of the world. We need your help on many levels: we need your prayers for without the grace of God at work in us we cannot do even a fraction of what the Lord has given us to do. We need volunteers, especially as we get geared up for our season of outreach in NW Iowa – we continue to have many activities planned for the summer and fall months, beginning in May. We also need volunteers to help with coordinating our outreach projects in other countries – this is too much for one or two people to do.At RGM we are dedicated to spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ; the only true message of salvation and everlasting life; God’s salvation and light to sinners everywhere. We are laboring to spread the gospel both in the United States and to other nations; taking the message of Jesus Christ to the lost and those who sit in darkness. As part of that work and ministry we provide the opportunities for the saints to indirectly and directly participate in spreading the gospel to the nations and all people groups, to as many as will hear the gospel. It is sad to note that the gospel message has been so watered down so as to be nothing more than a man-centered works righteousness message, especially in much of western society. (It is impossible to live a godly life to the glory of God alone, unless God works grace in the sinner’s heart.) As a result, the true gospel message is changed and redefined (think, ‘re-imagined’) to compromise with the views of the world and the ungodly mindset that embraces all that is contrary to what is taught in the Bible; the infallible, inerrant word of God. In order to combat unbiblical evangelism we, at RGM, are committed to the Reformed Confessions and Creeds as biblical expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, formulating our tracts and evangelism efforts drawing from those 16th and 17th century documents of the Faith.

We are excited to report the following activities in May:

Local Community Outreach

On May 14th and 15th Reformation Gospel Ministries participated in 2 parades at the Tulip Festival in Orange City, IA. We passed out about 600 tracts in a bag with a piece of candy (because of the lack of volunteers, we were only able hand out bags for only one of the parades). It is always exciting to hear the children say thank you as they are handed their treat while we walk along the parade route.  We had a hard time keeping up with the car, but many people received a gospel tract. We pray God will use the tracts to bring all who are appointed to salvation to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. It was a great opportunity for two of our volunteers (3, including me) to serve the Lord and spread the gospel to many people in the community and the surrounding areas. Without the generous donations from individuals and churches we would not have been able to get the message of God’s salvation to so many people in the communities of NW Iowa, and the surrounding areas. Thank you!

Someone forgot to take pictures – will work on that in the future. Here is a picture of the typical bag with a tract (English and Spanish), and a piece of candy in it:

Weekly Bible Study:

We continue to hold our weekly Bible study when I’m not preaching at churches out of town (the study was suspended beginning May 23rd until June 20th as Rev. Stetler is filling pulpits during that time). We are studying in the Book of Revelation and have titled the study “The Gospel According to Revelation.” We meet every Lord’s Day at 2 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Sioux Center, IA. Our next meeting is on May 2nd. We are on Chapter 6 in the Book of the Revelation. You can contact Rev. Stetler by email at refgosmin@gamil.com or by phone at (712) 441-5793 for more information.

Many Books and Literature Given Away:

Text Box: A display table was used similar to the one shown here.

At the Reformed Church in the United States’ Annual Synod Meeting in Sioux Falls, SD from May 17th-20th, we had a table where we gave away many books and materials that help people in their evangelism efforts individually and as churches. Several hundred dollars of books and material were given away thanks to the generous donations from individuals and churches.

Overseas Evangelism Support Efforts

Because we had received some generous donations we are excited to report for May we were able to continue to send gospel tracts and Bibles for distribution in India and Nigeria by the indigenous ministries in each country. We note the following in particular:

1) South India:

Praise Report:  The 350 gospel tracts in the Telugu language sent at the beginning part of April were received by Syam in the Bangaluru area of the southern part of India. So also, the tracts in the Telugu language (600) sent to Pitta were received. Unfortunately, that area of the country is still in lock down mode, so the distribution of the tracts continues to be delayed. 

Prayer Requests for south India:

Please pray that the lock down is lifted soon and that Syam and Pitta will be able to freely distribute the tracts as a part of their on-going evangelism efforts among the Telugu speaking people of S. India. Please also pray for the people of India as the lock down has caused many hardships to the church members there. More importantly, please continue to pray for the believers there; there is much persecution that remains strong in the country.

2) North India

Praise Report:

In the Northern area of India where an indigenous Reformed missionary is located near the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains RGM sent 8 more Bibles (NKJV) and 800 gospel tracts (400 in English and 400 in Hindi) at the beginning of April.  The package arrived there on June 5th. The Bibles and tracts will be distributed when the lock down is lifted (soon, Lord willing). In the meantime, a new convert receives a Bible and the missionary pastor prays for God to bless the young man as he grows in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests for North India:

a) Many are coming to Christ through his tract distribution efforts, with Bibles being given away to new converts. However, the missionary’s outreach ministry is being hampered by current travel restrictions that continue to be imposed in the country. The restrictions are keeping him from holding church services at this time. Please keep them and the ministry there in prayer.

b) There is a man and his family that live in a mountain village.  He and his family recently came to Christ through the outreach efforts of the missionary. The man desires to serve the Lord in taking the gospel message to other villages in the mountains (the missionary is teaching him the doctrines of the faith). In order to do that and provide for his family he would like to start a business to breed goats (a very profitable business in that area) while he reaches out to neighboring mountain villages. To get started he needs a male and a female goat. To purchase two goats will cost $200 USD. If you would to help him to get started please contact Rev. Stetler at regosmin@gmail.com or by phone at (712) 441-5793 or simply mail a check and designation it, “Himalayan Project.”

c) At the end of June, the beginning of July, a summer youth program will begin in the village where the missionary lives; subject to the lock down being lifted, of course. Reformation Gospel Ministries has sent teaching and study materials for the youth. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as the missionary and his family reaches out to the youth of their village with the gospel and make disciples, teaching them whatsoever Jesus has commanded in His word and expressed in the Reformed confessions and creeds.

Rev. Stetler continues to conduct weekly prayer meetings through the internet (Saturday evenings US Central Time) with the missionary in India and one other person here in the States, who has an interest in supporting the work there. If you would like to participate in the prayer meeting email Rev. Stetler at refgosmin@gmail.com

3) Nigeria:

Praise Report:

More Bibles to Nigeria – Brother Joseph, who converted from Islam through the messages and literature on the RGM website, received additional 25 Bibles (KJV) in May. The Bibles were purchased by RGM from a local Christian book store in Nigeria and were distributed to those in need amongst the congregation of believers there. They also continue to distribute tracts in their on-going evangelism efforts to the lost; and the Lord is using them to bring many to salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ through faith alone in true repentance.

Prayer Request:

Brother Joseph has requested another 165 Bibles. So far, there have been 56 Bibles sent to help reach that goal. Please pray that the funding will become available so that more Bibles can be purchased in this on-going effort. If you would like to help with the project, you can donate to it by going to our website and make a donation there or you can send a check, payable to “RGM,” mail it to PO Box 65, Sioux Center, IA 51250 and designate it “Bibles to Nigeria.”

4) Peru:

Twelve More Bibles (24 total) and 200 Gospel tracts, both in Spanish, were sent in May to Ignacio Escudero, Peru (northern part of Peru) for distribution:

Another 12 Bibles will be sent as soon as we are able

4) Liberia:

Reformation Gospel Ministries continues to support Rev. James Kartee of Monrovia, Liberia.

Under the banner of Rose of Sharon Ministries, Rev. Kartee is faithfully proclaiming to many people in the Monrovia area the gospel of Jesus Christ through his on-going evangelism efforts. In addition, he is teaching at the school he heads and laboring tirelessly in humanitarian efforts. He is actively working within neighboring communities to help people become self-sustaining by growing various crops for food. At the same time he is teaching children to grow up utilizing skills and gifts that God has given them in school he runs there.

More Bibles, tracts and other items of need will be sent to him soon, as soon as funding is available.

Prayer Request:

Rev. Kartee has been asking Rev. Stetler to come to Liberia to do some teaching and evangelism in Liberia. Lord willing, Reformation Gospel Ministries is planning to send him the end of January, 2022. Please pray that the Lord would be pleased to provide the funding to do so and that travel restrictions would be eased, or preferably, lifted – will not get any of the CoVid-19 shots, since I have already had the CCP virus.

Future Activities of Reformation Gospel Ministries

Future Activities of RGM are listed in the Schedule of Activities and can be reviewed by clicking on the link below:

The 2021 Schedule of Events and Activities

If you would like to volunteer to help at one of the activities, please contact Rev. Stetler at refgosmin@gmail.com or by phone at (712) 441-5793.

Conferences for this Year:

1. The Creation Conference in Sioux Center is still on schedule for August 21st and 22nd, Lord willing. It will be held in the Sioux Center High School Theater, “The TePaski Theater.” It holds 300 people – let’s pray the Lord will fill it to at least half capacity. The topic and speaker will be the same – “It’s in the Genes” – Dr. Robert Carter, a research geneticist with Creation Ministries International, will be the speaker.

You can register for this free conference at:

The 2021 Annual Conference on Biblical Creation – “It’s in the Genes”

2. The Fall Reformation Conference on October 29th and 30th – Friday Evening and Saturday morning. The location of this conference will be announced in July. The title of the conference will be, “Biblical Worldview and the Great Commission.” It will focus on the Christian worldview and how it affects our evangelism individually and as a church.  The speaker is Dr. Sacha Walicord, a former professor at Dordt University and is a visiting professor for worldview and apologetics at the Akademie fuer Reformatorische Theologie (Reformed Theological Seminary) in Giessen, Germany. He is also a board member of RGM.

2022 Conferences are being planned:

1. Sioux Center, IA – The Annual Creation Conference has been scheduled for March 26, 2022. The focus of the conference will be on how to answer those who hold to compromise views of the creation account of Genesis. The speaker will be Dr. Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International. He has written several books on creation including the book, “Refuting Compromise.” It will be an encouragement to all believers as we fight a spiritual battle against the lies and deceptions of the devil through his ministers that disguise themselves as “ministers of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

2. Dublin, Ireland – The Creation Conference in Dublin, Ireland that was planned for May 22nd; however, due to the lockdown conditions in Ireland and the travel restrictions in place, it has been postponed to 2022; Lord willing, May 21st. The conference will be held in partner with Araan Reformed Baptist Church of Dublin. Rev. Stetler has been working with Rev. Mark Fitzpatrick to coordinate this very important outreach event in the Dublin area. Mark is the pastor of Arann RBC and the chairman of Reformation Ireland. Please keep that event in prayer.

3. Sioux Center, IA – The Annual Fall Conference for 2022 is being planned for the end of October of that year. The proposed theme will be “A Biblical Worldview and Politics.” We hope to have multiple speakers to make presentations on various subjects surrounding the topic of politics in today’s environment and how the Christian ought to interact with a political system that is growing more and more hostile toward Biblical Christianity.

Please keep Reformation Gospel Ministries in your prayers. We are in need of your financial support to fund the many projects we are currently engaged in – please prayerfully consider giving to this work of the Lord as we reach out to the lost in many countries throughout the world. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Please keep Reformation Gospel Ministries in your prayers. We are in need of your financial support to fund the many projects we are currently engaged in – please prayerfully consider giving to this work of the Lord as we reach out to the lost in many countries throughout the world. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate: Donate – Reformation Gospel Ministries

Your Servant in Christ,

Richard Stetler, CEO

Financial Report

As of May 31, 2021

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