Ministry Update and March Financial Report

Thought I would give you an update on our labors to spread the gospel and provide you with a financial report for the month ending March 31.

We began our season of outreach last month with the Indoor Market Fair, where we gave away 100s of dollars of books, Bibles and other materials to those who passed by our booth/exhibit. Many opportunities were given by the Lord to encourage believers to reach out to those around them with the gospel message, providing them with the resources to support those endeavors. 

We also sent money to Sanjay in India to purchase about 100 Bibles in the Hindi language and various dialects, including Bengali. Many of those Bibles have been given away during his outreach ministries in the Himalayans and jungles of North India laboring with Mr. Singh to reach out to villages in mountains. NKJ Bible continue to be given to new converts.

$100 in benevolent aid was also sent to James Kartee in Liberia so he could buy much needed medication for an illness that put him in the hospital. 

This month on the 22nd we will be having our first conference of the year in Garner, IA – “Creation/Evolution: Not about Science” – we are doing a lot of advertising for this event that will be the first time we have done an event in this geographic area. Please keep it in prayer; please also keep me in prayer for God’s strength and endurance as I manage this event and plan for future events for the summer and fall.

The Lord gave me strength to finalized most of the details for the Fall Reformation Conference so that a poster could be put together (below) – please keep this event in your prayers, also.

We are still planning on 2 more creation conferences in September; one in Sioux Center on the 9th, IA, the other in Dublin, Ireland on the 16th, Lord willing. This is in addition to the Gospel in Park events and parades planned during the summer months, plus whatever else the Lord gives us to do to spread the gospel message.

Your support is greatly appreciated – many blessings in Christ.

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