Prayer Requested for the Scheduled June Events

June 2ndSummer Celebration Parade, Sioux Center, IA – Participating in the parade and handing out tracts with candy in a bag to on-lookers along the parade route – Pray the Lord will be pleased to use this means for the spreading of His gospel – we are also looking for volunteers to help with tract distribution along the parade route

June 9thPark Evangelism Event, Center Park, Sioux Center, IA – We had to re-schedule the May 12th event to June 9th – Lord willing, there will be open air preaching of a gospel message, “There is Good News – Really!” We are praying that there will also be one-on-one opportunities to witness Christ to those at the park – Please keep this event in your prayers that it will be well attended and that the Lord will use it to save men, women and children to the glory of God.  We are also praying that the Lord will provide a singing group or a singer for this event.

June 11thRadio Interview on KSOU morning talk show – Please that the Lord will this as another means to spread His good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and to let people know about Reformation Gospel Ministries and its Vision for lost souls and the building of Christ’s kingdom

June 15thHope Haven Music Festival – Reformation Gospel Ministries has been graciously allowed to have a display table at this event for people with special needs. We are praying that the Lord will this event as an opportunity to witness the hope that is in Christ Jesus through the offering of free literature and one-on-one witnessing of God’s grace and goodness through Jesus Christ our Lord

Acton, CA

Please also keep in prayer the on-going work in Acton, CA. We are continuing to look for opportunities to hold similar events in California. Please keep in prayer the Chapel services on each Lord’s Day at the Californian RV Resort at 4 p.m. and the Bible study on Tuesdays evenings at 7:00 p.m. at the Resort (studying the Gospel of Mark, using Sinclair Ferguson’s book as a study guide).

  • All of the literature and book are given away free of charge to the recipients, which is made possible only by your generous donations. Reformation Gospel Ministries is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Reformation Gospel Ministries is also looking for volunteers to help with the events scheduled. It will be great way to serve the Lord as you help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The events and activities of RGM in Sioux Center and the surrounding areas are under the oversight of Sioux Center United Reformed Church, acting as the eyes and ears for the Spiritual Council of Rehoboth Reformed Church, Cerritos, CA, which has spiritual oversight of Reformation Gospel Ministries and Rev. Richard Stetler

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