Were Adam and Eve Real People?

The answer should be obvious; but for many so-called evangelical Christians the answer is not what one would expect. In this video the question raised and answered demonstrate not only the significance in holding onto to the foundational understanding of the historical facts of the Bible, but it shows just how far many have strayed from the faith in the pursuit of following the fantasy of evolution in all its various forms (changing one kind to another, whether its theistic evolution, progressive evolution, or just outward atheistic Darwinian evolution). The fact is the facts of science are being ignored to accommodate the mythical religion of evolution. It’s time to wake up – THERE IS NO SCIENCE TO EVOLUTION – IT’S JUST ANOTHER RELIGION OF THE ATHEIST AND UNBELIEVING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY – and the effects is destroying the faith of Christians in mass and undermining the true revelation of God’s salvation through the only true Savior, Jesus Christ.

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