What Happens When You Forsake the Word of God?

The Articles linked below give us a frightening insight into what happens. People begin to “redefine” or “refine” what Scripture plainly, or clearly states. What is happening today will affect you children and your chidren’s children in the not to distant further. Sadly, there are many Christian denominations that have already begun down the path of destruction as they “redefine” and “refine” what Scripture clearly states, conforming their teachings to resemble more like world’s rather than God’s, as revealed in His Word. As a result, the gospel message has been watered down to a moralistic (a society driven morality) with Jesus Christ being nothing more than a “good man,” and His death on the cross being nothing more than an example of sacrificial love, which it is, and ignoring its forensic nature in paying the penalty for sin (death) and redeeming (purchasing) a people, both body and soul, that walk by faith in obedience to His word doing that which is right and pleasing in His eyes in the power of the Holy Spirit. Soli Deo Gloria!

Source: Redefining marriage, age, gender and species – creation.com

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