Apollo 8 and Genesis: A Christmas message

The link below is a Christmas message from the brothers of Creation Ministries International. It is a reminder that the battle for truth and the authority of the infallible, inerrant Word of God grows more intense with many churches and church members falling for the myth of evolution. As a result, it has greatly affected not just in the way people think of the origins of life and the universe, it also has affected their view of the Incarnation and birth of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. For many it has required changing the gospel message into more of a social or political gospel, contradicting the clear teachings from God’s Word on subjects such as six day creation, the Fall, the global flood, abortion, homosexuality (LGBT), and many other social and theological issues. It is time to expose the false teaching of evolution from a scientific perspective, and more importantly, from an uncompromising Biblical prespective. The Bible is the only reasonable explanation for the reality we see today and we, as believers in Christ, must remain steadfast in the truths revealed by God in His word, the Bible. Genesis is a historically accurate account of when and how God made all things that exist. So it is with this in mind I would to ask for your prayers and support for Reformation Gospel Ministries, which is sponsoring a creation conference, “Creation not Confusion,” that is being organized for April 27th in Sioux Center, IA, at the Terrace View Event Center. The speaker will be Joel Tay of Creation Ministries International. Registration information will be available after the first of the New Year. Reformation Gospel Ministries will also be active in hosting and participating in many other evangelism activities and events throughout the year – a schedule of events will be posted to the website, ReformationGospelMinistries.org, soon.

Source: Apollo 8 and Genesis: A Christmas message – creation.com

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