. . . natural selection or adaptation is not evolution. It is the loss of genetic material, just as God, our Creator had purposed when He created the heavens, the earth, and all that dwell therein. The unproven so-called scientific theory of microbe to man requires the addition of genetic material for it to have happened. Modern science has proven this to be false. Adaptation through mutation is always and without exception involves the loss of genetic information, never, never, never the opposite. The Genesis Account is right and those who believe in and hold to evolutionary thinking in whatever form to accommodate this humanist religion have neither science, nor the Bible to suppoort their assertions.

In anticipation of the Fall of man into sin the mutation process, or natural selection, or adaption was built into the genetic make-up of all living things including man by our Creator. Death, disease, decay, and natural selection is a result of the Fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve. The wages of sin is death, disease, decay and natural selection.

The Good News is that the Second Person of the Triune God, took on Him the very natural nature of man to pay the penalty for sinners, like you and me; to save us and redeem us from the curse of sin, conquering death by the shedding of His blood on the cross and raising up from the dead again; thereby securing for all who come to Jesus Christ by faith and in repentance of their sins the hope of eternal life. Don’t let the false prophets and teachers of evolution, in whatever form, keep you trusting the historical veracity of the Biblical record from the beginning to the end; and from believing in and coming to God through Jesus Christ. He is our only Hope, our only comfort in life and in death, and our only Life, who make us alive from being dead in our trespasses and sin to live to Him for Him glory alone. Soli Deo Gloria!

Article from Creation Ministries International:

No evolution in pollution: killifish survivors are ‘losers’

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