Blessed Assurance Conference with Dr. Joel Beeke

This past weekend (September 27th & 28th of 2019) Reformation Gospel Ministries was given the opportunity to have its table of Bibles, books, and gospel tracts set up at the Tri-State Bible Conference held at Dordt University, BJ Haan Auditorium. Many who attended the conference showed interest in the work of Reformation Gospel Ministries (one who was interested in volunteering to help). They also took many of our free books and tracts. The books given away included the 3 Forms of Unity (RCUS, 2011), “The Complete Gospel,” published by the Omaha Reformed Church (RCUS), and books published by Creation Ministries International. Will need to re-order several books to restock the table – Praise the Lord!

Reformation Gospel Ministries Table at the Blessed Assurance Conference with Dr. Joel Beeke

The conference was well attended with many people leaving having a better and biblically sound understanding of what it means to have the assurance of salvation and a true hope of everlasting life.

There were many books available for sale that were written, or edited by Dr. Beeke and published by Heritage Reformation Books.

It was an uplifting event for the saitnts that attended and God glorified with the 3 presentations by Dr. Beeke. I can honestly say that here wasn’t anypne who wasn’t bless by the conference in some way.

If you missed it I have copied and pasted the links to the videos of the conference on YouTube below. Click on the link and you will be blessed and your faith reassured in the “Blessed Assurance” that is found in Jesus Christ alone. There were 3 Sessions: Knowing Assurance, Growing Assurance and Renewing Assurance:

Soli Deo Gloria!

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