Wheelchair, Bibles & Gospel Tracts to Liberia

On the 20th of July, 2020, Rev. Stetler delivered to the shipping company, Walo Group of Company in Brooklyn Center, MN, a pediatric wheelchair for a little girl in Liberia, Sharon.

When I saw the video request for a wheelchair for this little girl suffering from nerve damage impairing her ability to walk, I couldn’t help but think that sending a wheelchair would be a great way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is pictured here from the video of her and her father requesting a wheelchair for her.

Pictured here is Sharon, who will receive her wheelchair in about 60 days after shipment (end of July)

I contacted Hope Haven International and arranged the purchase of a wheelchair to send to her. They are an international service organization that provides wheelchairs around the world for the disabled and disadvantaged adults and children. As Sharon grows so the wheelchair will adjust to her. A beautiful wood moveable table that attaches to the wheelchair comes with it (not pictured below). She will be able to easily eat or use it in any way she desires. Thank you Hope Haven International for making these invaluable wheelchair for those in need in other countries.

What the wheelchair looks like – child not included!
The Wheelchair will adjust as Sharon grows

The wheelchair was boxed up and readied for shipment by Hope Haven International in Sioux Falls, SD

Rev. Stetler the wheelchair and some Bibles and Gospel Tract for shipment to Liberia at the end of July – Daniel, the owner of Walo Group of company is standing next to boxes

Rev. Kartee of the Sharon of Rose Ministry in Monrovia will ensure that Sharon gets the chair – the ministry there is under the oversight and supported by the Chino United Reformed Church, CA. RGM has been sending gospel tracts and Bibles to the mission work there for about a year now. Rev. Stetler has even delivered a gospel message an evangelism there.

The Lord is blessing as we reach out by faith to those around us and around the world with Good News of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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