Update on the Ministry

It has a while since I have posted anything here. An update is long past due. The following is taken from the minutes of our recent board of directors meeting held on April – so no pics this time:

Stetler gave a verbal report of his activities since the last board meeting:

  • Stetler reported that in addition to his preaching and teaching the adult Sunday school every Lord’s Day since January 9th in Garner, IA at Peace Reformed Church; he has been laboring to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through Reformation Gospel Ministries (RGM). There have been two events to that end:
    • First, on March 16th and 17th RGM participated in the Indoor Market Fair. Many books, Bibles and tracts were given away. God opened up many opportunities to engage in conversations that proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • then, on March 26th, RGM hosted and sponsored our Annual Creation conference, “Creation: No Compromise.” The Speaker, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International gave 3 presentations on why the compromise views of creation do not fit with not only the Biblical account of creation; they don’t have any support from the scientific evidence that is observed. Compromise views have no place in Biblical Christianity. Those who seek to compromise with world and thus sacrifice the gospel to ungodly principles of the world have no place in churches, especially in leadership roles – they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and have many away from the Faith, once delivered to the saints.
    • The following day, instead of going to Garner, Rev. Stetler attended Redeemer URC in Orange City and then in the evening went to Le Mars Bible Church, where Dr. Sarfati gave a presentation to those in attendance. RGM also had a table there to let people about what RGM is all about. RGM also purchased the balance of books that weren’t sold during the 2-day conference period to help support CMI’s ministry – over $600 worth of books.
  • Stetler reported that the RGM Facebook page likes are up to 465 with 470 following it, up 164/163 from 301/307 in January – Reached about 6,373 people on Facebook with the gospel message over the past 28 days – mainly due to advertising the creation conference)

Stetler reported on Future Scheduled Events/Activities:

  • Our next event will be the Creation Conference in Dublin, Ireland on May 21st – Hoping to be able to travel there for this event about a week ahead of time and have been asked to fill the pulpit on May 22nd at Araan Reformed Baptist Church – will begin to work advertising campaign in May, per Rev. Fitzpatrick. (BTW, the tickets to Dublin have been purchased – looking forward to the fellowship and meeting new friends; most importantly, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ)
  • During that same time, we will be participating in the Tulip Festival Parades (2) on May 20th and 21st.  My daughter, Ana, has agreed to supervise that event while I am in Dublin.
  • 2022 Fall Conference – Proposed theme: “Dual Citizenship in a Rebellious, Fallen World” – Dr. Rev. Doug Barnes has confirmed that will speak at this event – the venue is up in the air, as it is uncertain where Rev. Stetler will located in the Fall at this time. Dr. Barnes is agreeable to speak wherever the conference will be held.
  • We are looking forward to partnering with more churches this year for the tract distribution during the various parades that are held during the summer. Registered for the Tulip Festival parades, which it is hoped that we will be able to do partner with Redeemer URC in the distribution of tracts and candy along the parade route in Orange City, IA. We have also registered to participate in the Sioux Center Summer Celebration Parade on the first Saturday of June.
  • We plan to expand to expand the Gospel in the Park outreach event in partner with local community churches is temporarily on hold until it is determined where Rev. Stetler will located during the summer months. A Gospel in the Park is planned for June 11th at the Sioux Center Central Park Band Shell, Sioux Center, IA, Lord willing
  • Rev. Stetler just completed a series of Sunday school lessons at Peace Reformed Church in Garner The series is an expanded version of the seminar “Reformed Biblical Evangelism.” The last lesson provided the church members with some one-on-one methods to present the gospel to others, including a tool called “The Gospel in Conversation.” A PDF of it will be uploaded as soon as possible.
  • Looking for opportunities to make RGM presentations to churches & denominations to obtain recognition as work worthy of support, Lord willing

Prayer Requests:

  • Please keep Rev. Stetler in pray as he seeks the Lord’s will in this time of uncertainty, including putting on hold plans to begin a podcast that was going to be called, “Reformation Warrior(s).”
  • Need your prayers as to the future of the direction of RGM – not whether it will continue; but rather, where it will be located and its operations. Pray that God will provide clarity by May so that the summer and fall activities/events can be planned and organized, accordingly.  Rev. Stetler expressed a desire to do more in working on arranging co-sponsors/partnerships with churches in other areas of the country, organizing and holding conferences (Creation, evangelism, etc) in their particular areas – prayer for opportunities to open up are requested
  • Prayer is also requested that the Lord would bring more volunteers to help with admin. stuff; i.e., typing, website management, etc – a couple of names were suggested by the board members

Stetler reported on International Activities:

  • In addition to what has already been mentioned regarding to the Creation conference in Dublin;
  • We continue to support the outreach efforts of Sanjay in NW India – He is diligently passing out the Bibles and tracts we have sent, including our newest Christmas tract.  He is also continuing his evangelist efforts in the neighboring jungle area and the Himalayans.
    • We sent winter clothing and more Bibles and tracts in English and Hindi in the later part February – they seem to be lost in the mail and having a hard time getting a refund, since the postal system in India is saying there were delivered.
    • Sanjay still continues to travel to the jungle and mountain people of the Himalayans working with Mr. Singh outreach efforts there. We are still holding weekly meeting with Sanjay and my uncle from Arkansas.
  • Syam has not been very active in keeping me updated on his ministry since January, though I have reached out to him on a couple of occasions – receive updates from Pitta every week, however. Pitta is in the same province and ministering to the same Telugu people but on the other end of the province.
  • James Kartee of Monrovia, Liberia is continuing his labors, ministering to the people of Liberia on a number levels; farming, schooling, evangelism meetings and conducting worship service on the Lord’s Day; a few of the men are now attending Heidelberg Seminary via on-line video classes – again, I have not had much contact with him since January

Other/New Business:

Stetler’s Personal Update:

  • Stetler gave an update on the current health situation of his wife (Heidi) requesting continued prayer for her health needs. She remains strong in the Lord.
  • Pulpit Supply:
  • I have been preaching at Peace Reformed Church (RCUS), Garner, IA since January 9th. I have also been teaching Sunday school, going through my course material on “Reformed Biblical Evangelism” – as already reported. It appears that I will be preaching and teaching there for a while until things get worked out by the Lord. Not sure I will get a call there or not; and whether I will accept a call there or not – it’s in the Lord’s hands.
  • I have agreed to fill the pulpit in Lincoln, NE at St. John’s Reformed Church (RCUS) on May 8th.
  • The Bible study, “The Gospel According to Revelation,” has been put on hold until further notice – I had hoped to pick it back up at the beginning of March, but not sure how long I will be going to Garner – again, hope to know more by May

I have begun to record my messages at Peace Reformed Church. Click on the link to watch the first video of my messages in Garner. I interrupted my series of message from 1 Peter over the Resurrection celebration weeks. The message link here is from last Lord’s Day, titled, “Flee Idolatry.” It was delivered in preparation of the Lord’s Supper that was served after the message. I pray the Lord will bless you with this message:

Flee Idolatry

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Soli Deo Gloria!

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