RGM Ministry Update – March 17, 2023

Indoor Market Fair Book Table:

RGM had a book table at the Indoor Market Fair held by the Chamber of Commerce in Sioux Center, IA on March 15th and 16th (we were there on the 15th only – we weren’t sure the weather would allow the travel required the next day for the volunteers, so we decided it would be best to play it safe).

We had two tables; both filled with many books, including children’s books that we had out on display and available for people to take to help better equipment them in being messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By the end of the day we had given away all of the children’s books and many other books, including the Three Forms of Unity (RCUS Edition – none left), The Complete Gospel of Christ (Omaha Reformed Church – only a few left), many of the Catechism on Human Sexuality were taken (it helps people explain from Scripture the sin of homosexuality and the hope found in Jesus Christ alone that delivers sinners from its bondage, including being delivered from the unnatural affections that drive people to believe that they were born that way. There were many books on six-day creation and how science supports the Genesis account of creation, the fall and the flood – helping people to tear down the defenses of unbelievers, giving them also a reason for the hope that is in those who in Christ by faith alone (1 Peter 3:15). We gave away all of our Bibles, except for one Spanish translation. There were also many conversations with people encouraging them in the faith and emboldening them to be spreaders of the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and wicked world.

Below is a video of what we had available for people to take without charge and without any obligation to make a donation for what they took – over $500 worth of books were taken (received a $10 donation – praise the Lord!).

RGM would like to also thank Harlan Boer, who helped set up and man the booth – he brought a scale model of Noah’s Ark, which drew a lot attention to the booth, both young and old. RGM would like to also thank Ana DeBoer, my daughter, who helped set up and “man” the booth. Both of these volunteers were of immeasurable help to the ministry, as we witnessed the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who attended the Fair – Soli Deo Gloria!

Book Table (and volunteers) at the Indoor Market Fair, Sioux Center, IA – 2023

Regarding Our International efforts to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

Over the past several months we have been able, by the grace of God, to support the outreach efforts of Sanjay in NW India. Through the generous donation of a supporter, who gave most of the funding, we were able to send money to Sanjay to purchase 100 Bibles of various languages native to the region of India where Sanjay is evangelizing, including Hindi and various dialects found among the people in the foothills and mountain areas of the Himalayans, even some in the Bengali language for those who had migrated to the northern region of India from Bengal.

Below are some edited pictures (protecting the identity of the people) of the Bibles (left and center) and a young man (right) who received a NKJ Bible after coming to Christ for salvation and embracing the hope of everlasting life that is received only through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, resting in His one atoning work on the cross for sinners everywhere. What joy it is to be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ (bottom picture).

Benevolent Assistance to Liberia:

Finally, by the grace of God, we were able to provide benevolent assistance to Rev. James Kartee of Liberia. He was seriously sick and needed money for medication. Praise the Lord we were able to help – please keep him in prayer for healing as he is heavily involved with reaching out to the lost in the Monrovia area of Liberia.

Praise the Lord for His many blessings as we reach out to the lost and help encouraged the saint to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ and build His kingdom to the glory of God. Please keep us in your prayers.

Your financial support is essential to our on-going labors in this ministry – we don’t charge fees for our conferences; nor do we require payments for the books, Bibles and other materials we give away – don’t even require donations from people who take our evangelistic helps. We rely entirely on the grace of God and His merciful supply to continue in our evangelistic efforts – 100% of the donations received go to supporting the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and those who sit in darkness, praying always for the salvation of souls to the glory of God through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.

CLICK HERE to make a donation or to begin giving regularly. RGM is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt evangelistic organization – all donations are deductible as allowed under the law

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