Happy New Year (Decade)!

As we enter a new decade, we at Reformation Gospel Ministries are looking to the Triune God of Grace and Truth for guidance, strength and courage as we continue to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

While Reformation Gospel Ministries, its Board and volunteers remain focused and engaged in our mission and vision through our many events and activities throughout the year, we are looking to expand the ways and methods in 2020 of spreading the gospel message to more locations, offering more opportunities for believers and churches to be involved in reaching out to the lost. The 2020 Schedule of Events & Activities will help volunteers to schedule their involvement from being personally engaged at one or more of the events/activities to praying for each event/activities throughout the year, praying the Lord will use them to convict sinners, open hearts and bring His elect to repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ to the glory of God Alone.

We at RGM understand that as we labor in the Lord to the lost there is a lot of work to be done to all age groups everywhere. However, in a recent polls conduct by Barna Research and others the need for the faithful proclamation of the Gospel has grown more and more apparent and desperate, which is reflected in many families, churches and communities, who have strayed away from the truth of Scripture and its historical records and running feverishly toward a more worldly way of thinking influenced by the so-called intelligencia and political elitists on all sides of the political aisle.

Polls show that amongst the Gen Z age group, church attendance continues to decline with 61% of them feeling church is simply irrelevant and are seeking spiritual direction outside of the church. According to Barna Research, atheism among those born between 1997 & 2015 has doubled in the last the last 5 years. Four percent of this generation is growing up having any kind of Biblical worldview. So you see there is a lot of work that needs to be done.


With that in mind, please keep this ministry in your prayers as we continue to labor in the Lord to take the gospel message to the many who are lost in this world. Our focus is evangelism through the direct proclamation of the Gospel of Christ. Please also prayerfully consider making a regular contribution to this work. Your monthly tax-deductible donations of $20 will help greatly to further the gospel message both here and overseas as we are sending Bibles and gospel tract to other part of the world; such as, Liberia, Nigeria and India.

We also need a volunteer with some specific task that require with live streaming knowledge as getting ready to begin to live our events; and Lord willing, producing video productions with gospel messages this year.

Click HERE to view and download the 2020 Schedule of Events & Activities

Soli Deo Gloria!

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