Update July 3, 2017

Praise and Prayer Request: we were very encouraged with the 4 p.m. chapel service – the Lord brought in two new souls to the service. One is a Jewish lady who is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The other person is an elderly lady who was brought by her son (he attended the week before). We rejoice in the Lord for His goodness and grace in these two ladies – they both expressed an interest in coming back. The word of God preached was well received. And because the singing is a Capella, let’s just say it provides us with the opportunity to make a joyful “noise” to the Lord. The 9 o’clock chapel service did not fair too well it was cancelled because no one came. But we will make it available next Lord’s day and determine at that time whether we will continue with that time slot.
Please keep us in prayer as we are planning to go to Huntington Beach this Friday, (7/7), to join Rehoboth Reformed Church for a beach outreach, barbeque, and fellowship time. Pray that the gospel message will go out and many souls come to Christ by faith and in repentance of their sins. There will be at least one other person who will be joining Rev. Stetler from the RV resort.
Please also keep in prayer Rev. Stetler and Heidi. There are on-going medical needs for Heidi and living expenses that need to be met. Rev. Stetler is working part-time at the RV resort where he and Heidi live. Rev. Stetler is also receiving SS Retirement income; however, it’s not sufficient to cover their living expenses, including on-going medical needs. RGM is a new work. And while it is receiving some small amount of financial support, it is not enough to provide Rev. Stetler any compensation. We are still waiting for a hearing date for Heidi’s disability and Rev. Stetler is still waiting on the Lord for a call to pastor a church, if that is what He has purposed for him.

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