Update on RGM Efforts

Reformation Gospel Ministries
Update as of 11/19/2017

With Pastor Stetler’s move to Iowa in September maintaining a continued effort to seek ways to present the gospel to those we come in contact with has been challenging.
Through a coordinated effort by volunteers in Acton, CA, the Sunday afternoon chapel services have continued – thank you James for keeping the services active. The Bible study also continues with Delmas Pattee leading the studies.

On October 31st we celebrated the 500th year of the start of the Reformation. In an effort to turn expose people the gospel as expressed through Reformed and Biblical teaching, RGM put together a “Reformation Day Gospel/Candy Bag.” The bag consisted of a label with a brief statement of the 5 Sola tenets that came out of the Reformation (Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fidei, Solus Christus, and Soli Deo Gloria – Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone and Glory to God Alone); a gospel tract and some candy. There were over 130 bags handed out – Praise the Lord! A small beginning, but the gospel message went out and perhaps will help people begin to understand that October 31st mean more than just scary day, but rather a day when the light shines in a day of darkness, bringing hope to those who do not have hope, or have lost hope.

RGM continues to distribute Gospel bags for the needy. These bags are designed to give help to those in need who are standing on the roadside (not very accessible to have a discussion about Christ). The bag consists of a complete New Kings James Bible, a gospel tract, a bottle of water, a granola bar and 2 one dollar bills. These bags have been received with a great amount appreciation. It has been reported that a person who received the bag was sitting on the roadside the next day asking for help and reading the Bible he had received – Praise the Lord!

This effort is also going on in Iowa and South Dakota, though admittedly on smaller scale. It is hoped that it will also grow, as the Lord blesses this form of evangelism.
Upon request, RGM will send you a bag with a Bible and tract – just let us know how many you would like. You will need to supply the bottled water, the granola bar and dollar bills (as many as you desire). Our email address is: RefGosMin@gmail.com.
The response to the vision of RGM has been well received in Iowa and it is hoped that as Pastor Stetler gets better situation in his new surroundings that the work of RGM will grow in central U.S.

RGM has put together a “Caroling Booklet” for use by anyone who would desire to proclaim the Christmas message in song to those around them. These booklets are available for download at WWW.ReformationGospelMinistries.org. The link to booklet is provided below:
Alternatively, RGM would gladly provide you with copies of the booklet upon request. The Caroling Booklets will come in protective sheet covers and secured in a plastic report cover to help keep the pages from getting wet and to extend their usability. Just send us an email indicating how many you would like and an address where we need to send them. Our email address is RefGosMin@gmail.com.

For update with pictures, click on link below: https://reformationgospelministries.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/update-reformation-gospel-ministries-111917.pdf


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