Update on Evangelism Event August 18

We are pleased to announce that the Men of Praise have agreed to sing at our evangelism event on August 18th, for which we are very grateful to the Lord for putting in their hearts to do so. 


 Please continue to keep this event in your prayers as we seek to reach out into this and other communities in NW Iowa with the good news of Jesus Christ and throughout other parts of this nation. 

Two other updates on other related items:

First , a request was made by a group of believers in Liberia for RGM to send them some tracts. We are working out the logistics on getting them there, praising the Lord for this opportunity to spread the Gospel in other countries.

Second, I received a review from someone recently on our pocket tract that was translated into Spanish. I’ll let him speak for himself: “I read the tract and it is well translated.  It’s also very brief which is great for distribution. I also like the simple format because any missionary can adapt it to his own place of work if he so desires.” I was excited to read that the tract received such a positive review. Let’s pray that others will also find it, as well as the English version, useful in spreading the Gospel message.

The following is an excerpt from the poster that is being hung around town and other communities in the Sioux Center area: 

If you are able please come and join us at:

An Open Air Evangelism Outreach Event

Date: Saturday, August 18th

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Where: Sioux Center Central Park – Band Shell

(Bring your own lawn chairs)

Message: “Are You Good Enough?”

(The Answer may Surprise You!)

Speaker: Rev. Richard Stetler

Singing by: “Men of Praise”

Come join us for the second of many evangelism meetings in Sioux Center and the surrounding towns – bring a friend!

Reformation Gospel Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization – your prayers are greatly appreciate as well as your tax-deductible donations.

 Learn more about us at http://www.ReformationGospelMinistries.org – Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter

 * Call (605) 281-0678 for more information *


Your donation will go to support this evangelism work for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Donations to RGM are tax-deductible, as allowed under the Law. Reformation Gospel Ministries is 501(c)(3) organization.


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