Worry – A loss of focus and trust!

In times of hardship it is so easy to lose sight of this truth and focus on our needs. And yet, we worry even in times of prosperity. We worry about our next meal; we worry about the clothes we wear. We worry about just about anything, even stuff we don’t need. In this verse, which is part of a message delivered by Jesus at the beginning of His ministry, we are admonished or rather rebuked for worrying about the necessities of life. In fact, when one reads the verses that follow, we see that Jesus is telling us that when we worry we are acting like the unbeliever (v. 32). Do you worry? Then consider that your worry is sign of unbelief and call out to the Lord in repentance! Seek Him by faith to so work in you by the Holy Spirit to begin to refocus your attention and the direction of your life in a way that will further the kingdom of God. Labor with your hands to the glory of God, to earn a wage and to further His kingdom and all the things we worry about will be provided (v. 33), according to God’s Sovereign will and good purpose for us. Put your trust in Him alone through Jesus Christ, resting in God’s fatherly hands who, according to promise, securely upholds all who belong to Him by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, according to His word alone to the glory of God alone! – Soli Deo Gloria!

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