The Best Argument for Creation (and Against Evolution)

A very powerful argument for creation over against evolution has come to my attention. I am please to share it with my Facebook friends. It is so fundamental that it is not even considered by evolutionists whether they are an atheist or theist, or progressive evolutionist. That is because they cannot explain it from a naturalistic progress. I pray that those who hold to any form of macro-evolution will seriously consider the agrument made in article linked below. Question evolution . . . Your very soul is at jeopardy if you don’t! The creation account as plainly and literally expressed in Genesis Chapters One and Two is so closely connected to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that without a proper understanding of creation it will quite literally undermine the authority of Scripture and denigrate the Gospel message to nothing more a moralistic, socialistic gospel, as we see it has today in many churches. It will degrade the gospel to nothing more than a spiritual redemption with no hope of the bodily resurrection on the Day of Judgement. My Facebook friends, we are in a battle, “The Battle of Souls.” Let’s pray that we remain strong in Christ and remain steadfast in the gospel message as revealed in Scripture without compromise. Soli Deo Gloria!

Why Sex is the Best Argument for Creation (and Against Evolution)

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