Ape to Man Evolution Exposed as Myth by Science (Affirming the Historical Biblical Record of Creation)

Source: The myth of ape-to-human evolution – creation.com

We have been told for many years by prominent scientists that “science” has “proven” that the Genesis account of the origins of life is wrong. They say that “scientific data” tells us that the universe has existed for billions of years and that man evolved from a pool of slim; from an amoeba to a fish to an ape to a man (with many subtle changes in between). There are even many Christian institutions and church denomination that have jumped the evolution band wagon dressing up this atheistic worldview to make it sound Christian or even biblical by either saying that it is the process God used to create all things, redefining “day” in Genesis Chapter to mean “a long period of time” or to simply reduce the account from an accurate historical of the origins of all that existing to merely ‘poetic pose.’ Though great effort has been to give an appearance that these views are consistent with biblical teaching and has no affect on the gospel message itself, nothing could be further from the truth. To embrace these views or interpretations of the Genesis account is to engage in poor biblical hermeneutics and to undermine the gospel message.

Further more, contrary to ‘popular’ belief, science does not support the evolutionary model as the article linked above demonstrates. According to honest scientific research the idea that man evolved from man is biologically impossible. The best explanation for man’s existence, much less all that exists is found in Genesis Chapters One and Two; interpreted as a literal historical account, which is the intent of the writer and the Hebrew text itself. We don’t have to explain away inconsistencies when we embrace the Biblical account and the reason for Jesus dying on the cross become much clearer when the Genesis is not being compromised for the sake of accommodating atheistic thinking.

The historical account of a single man and woman, Adam and Eve [how God made them from the dust of the earth, breathing into them the breath of life and distinguishing them from the rest of the animal kingdom by making them in His image; how they disobeyed God’s specific commandment to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil thus plunging themselves and all mankind into sin, which resulted in immediate spiritual death (loss of fellowship with God and being at enmity with God) which led to pain, suffering, sorrow, decay and disease resulting ultimately to physical death (the physical separation of the body from the soul)] best explains the need for Christ to come and die on the cross for sin and resurrecting from the dead.

Further, if the Genesis account is not held as historical not only is the gospel message either changed or its significance diminished, the authority of all of Scripture can be legitimately questioned or even redefined or ‘refined’ to fit a more ‘scientific’ worldview. If that is the case then we can say that abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, or pedophilia are okay because words in Scripture are ‘refined’ to fit a more ‘naturalistic’ worldview thereby justifying these ungodly and unwholesome acts. In fact, is that not what is being done today in many churches and Christian institutions?

Beloved in Christ we have good news – the Good News of the grace of God through Jesus Christ! It is this Good News that ought to stir up a love for sinners to go out with a passion and zeal to our friends, relatives, business associates, and even the stranger on the street to declare to all who sit in darkness, under the curse and condemnation of sin the hope of salvation and eternal that is in Christ Jesus alone. Jesus Christ suffered for real sin, to pay the penalty for sin, which is spiritual and a physical death. Further, having obtained for us, and other sinners alike, the forgiveness of sins, salvation, righteousness, and everlasting life. More over, having ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, Jesus Christ has become the living hope of that eternal inheritance for all who are in Him by true faith in Him alone and His one atoning sacrifice on the cross.

So you see that all of what Christ has done for sinners is directly connected to what took place in the beginning as it is recorded in Genesis. The Genesis is true because it is the God inspired eye-witness account of how all that exists began, including mankind and death. Scientific evidence is best explained from this perspective and not from a worldly perspective. We can have strong confidence in the biblical revelation from Genesis to Revelation and therefore we don’t need to comprise and water down the Gospel message. Hebrews tells us in Chapter 11, verse 3, “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

The Christian faith is based on the historical events. If the events recorded in Scripture didn’t happen then our faith becomes simply a mystical fantasy of man’s imagination. The Christian faith can stand strong based on the historical events as recorded in Scripture. Therefore, let’s stand fast in the gospel with unwavering hope, and with love in our hearts and the confidence of true faith be eager declare the good news of Jesus Christ as God gives us opportunity to do so, calling sinners everywhere to repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!

Rev. Richard Stetler

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