Happy Thanksgiving!

Our first Event in 2018 - The Indoor Market Fair, Sioux Center
Our first Event in 2018 – The Indoor Market Fair, Sioux Center

We at Reformation Gospel Ministries would like to thank the LORD for all of you who have supported this work with your many prayers and donations, without which this work would have not been to accomplish the spreading of the gospel through the many activities and event conducted throughout the year.

By God’s grace we will to continue this work of spreading the Gospel message of  Jesus Christ with the addition of at least one conference being planned for April 25th and another possibly in the Fall. In God’s Providence we look for to a great year of spreading the gospel message in NW Iowa and other part of the nation (and throughout the world) as God gives us opportunity and the resources to do so. Your continued support in prayer and donations will also help make these planned events possible as the Lord moves His people to pray for and donate to this work. 

Further, because we are stepping up our activities and events for 2019 we will also be grateful to the Lord to move people to volunteer their time and resources for this work.

May God Bless you this Thanksgiving Day as you celebrate His many blessings to us through Jesus Christ our Lord, not just for the blessings of the past but also His blessing He will continue to give us as give thanks to Lord for His goodness and wonderful works to His glory and our good in Him (Psalm 107:21).

Soli Deo Gloria!

Literature Table at the Dordt College “Taste of Sioux Center” Event
Tract Distribution at Hull Summer Parade
Tract Distribution at the Sioux Center Summer Celebration Parade
Car Sign for Parade
Setting up for an Evangelism in the Park Event

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