Scripture Interprets Scripture – A Fundamental Truth to Keep our Opinions and Interpretations of Reality in Check

The article linked below is an excellent essay on how the rest of Scripture understands what was recorded in Genesis; that is, that the people and events recorded in the first Eleven Chapters of Genesis are real people and real events. You will see with undoubted clarity that the whole gospel message is based on the historicity of six-day (ordinary days) creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood. If the events and people are not real there is NO gospel, let me repeat NO Gospel; and what Jesus endured becomes nothing more than a meaningless death, which is just a part of the survival of fitest. In fact, if one hold to old-age creation or theistic evolution you will begin to question the rest of the Biblical historical accounts and quite possibly come to understand and believe that the rest of Scripture is nothing more than myth and legend, subject to the whimpsical interpretation of man’s opinion according to his imagination. Let’s stand firm in the truth and united in the Gospel remembering that there is NO SCIENCE that refutes or challenges what is recorded on the pages of Scripture. In fact, Science and reality is best understood in light of Scripture. Remember, ALL Scripture is inspired (breathed out) by God, the Triune God, who was there when He called into existence all that there is out of nothing . . . so we have an eyewitness account of how things came into being; science only supports what is recorded. There is no reason to twist and come up with convoluted interpretation to fit a worldview that seeks to destroy the glory of God, reduces His omnipotence to being subjected to what He has created and undermines the credibility and authority of God’s word. Be strong and of good courage in the Lord. – Soli Deo Gloria!

Link to Article from Is Genesis History:

What the Rest of the Bible Says about Genesis

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