Do It with Love

As Christians we must always speak the truth, even to our own personal peril. This is especially true when facing those who oppose the gospel message. In the verse above we are to be watchful for those who speak in error, either in ignorance or deliberately, who seek to lead us away from the faith and the truth of the gospel. We are to remain steadfast in the faith without compromise. We are to brave and strong, not out of anger and hatred toward another person, who has compromised the faith unwittingly or out of pride and arrogance.  We are to be brave and strong in the faith from a heart filled with the love of God and love for those who sit in darkness and under the control and condemnation of sin.  How we respond to others who are doing what they do according to their sin nature matters greatly!

On the one hand, we are not to justify their sin for that would provoke God’s wrath against us and keep that person held in bondage to sin.  Rather, on the other hand, from a heart motivated by love and compassion for that person, we are to expose sin, calling it what it is, sin. And yet, we not to just expose sin, we are to do so with the sole purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is found in Him alone, which is by grace alone through faith alone in true repentance of sin. Let’s therefore pray that the Lord would grant us a heart that loves the sinner so much that it compels us to not only expose sin but to proclaim the hope that Jesus Christ obtained on behalf of sinners through His death and resurrection, calling sinners everywhere to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone through our words and deeds.

In all that we do let’s proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and not forget to live and speak the gospel with love to the glory of God. Beloved in the Lord, “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong” doing so out of a love for God and your neighbor to glory of God – Soli Deo Gloria!

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