Carbon dating—who is fooling who? – Being Fooled Leads to a Foolish Gospel Message!

At a recent ‘dog and pony’ show on evolution put on by one of our local institutions, carbon dating and other methods of dating where set forth as reliable means of determining the age of the earth. however, science has proven these methods to be very unreliable, as the article linked below carefully shows. In reality, dating methods used by conventional scientific community more about a philosophically driven than science driven. When will we learn to that the most relible dating method that we have to date the age of the earth is found in God’s word, the Bible? When will we stop letting people fool us into believing things that are not true? Beloved in the Lord, we are told in Scripture to test all things to see if they are true (1 Thessalonians 5:21). This is especially true when what we are told is in conflict with the clear teaching and historical record of Scripture. Let’s pray that the Lord will open the eyes of those around us to see that the entire book of Genesis is an accurate historical account of the beginning of all things, including all of mankind. When the Christian community compromises on creation it will eventually compromise on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The proof of this statement is in the fact that there so many different gospel messages being told from many pulpits, and through the internet; each one give their own opinion of what Jesus Christ did for men. The messages range from Jesus only being a man that showed us what sacrificial love is, to Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross was only spiritual, to a message that since the death of Adam was only spiritual, not physical, His death was only to save man from spiritual death, to the death and resurrection of the God-man Jesus Christ was to save and redeem from the penalty and power sin, both of body and soul, of all who the Father draws to Jesus Christ by grace alone through faith alone in true repentance of their sins (the true Biblical gospel message, summarized). Let’s not be fooled, but wise in our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so He is glorified in all that we hold to be true. – Soli Deo Gloria!

Link to CMI Article: Carbon dating—who is fooling who? –

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