300 Nigerian Christians killed by Islamic Terrorists

. . . but well worth the read. Can this/will this happen on U.S. soil? Make no mistake, judgement will come for the idolatry that is practiced within many churches, among those who undermine the authority of Scriptures and seek to suppress the truth in unrighteousness by “redefining and refining” the truths that are revealed by God in it.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS even if God should allow it to happen. READ ON after you read the aricle:

The report also states that the Lord spared 72 Christians from an Islamic firing squad. The Lord protects those whom He has saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Their (the 72 that were spared by God) fathers and husbands were executed for refusing to deny Jesus Christ and return to Islam. Even then the Lord God (YHWH) was pleased to take them all to Himself so all might know that YHWH is Sovereign over all and will accomplish all that He has purposed for the good of His purchased possession and His eternal glory. Islam knows nothing of the only true living Triune God’s goodness and grace that abounds toward all who come to Him through Jesus Christ by faith and in repentance of their sins!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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