. . . whether it is true or not; determining for ourselves in our own opinions and human wisdom what parts are reliable historical records and what parts are not; what is good and what is evil, we forget that in doing so we become the final arbiters of truth, and of what is good, not God. More importantly, as we do so, WE ARE DECLARING GOD A LIAR, though that would be denied vehemently, especially those profess faith in Jesus Christ.

IN OUR OWN MINDS (if not consciously, subconsciously) we believe our interpretation of scientific discovery and reality itself holds greater weight than God’s revelation of what He has done and how He has did it. We are a generation not unlike every other generation since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden by our first parents, Adam and Eve, SINNERS WITHOUT HOPE AND HELPLESS TO HELP OURSELVES from escaping the penalty of sin, which is eternal damnation of death, suffering, grief, sorrow, weeping and gnashing of teeth in the torment of Hell; that is, the eternal Lake of Fire.

We are a generation, THEREFORE, in desperate need of humbling ourselves before our Almighty and Sovereign Creator and Redeemer in repentance of our sins; and by faith, putting our trust in Jesus Christ, the only Savior and Hope of sinners like you and me for the forgiveness of sins, righteousness, salvation and everlasting life, according to God’s infallible, inerrant, inspired Word, the Bible.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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