PRAISE THE LORD! – Update on the Gospel in the Park Event

The Lord brought about 20 people to hear a gospel message at the Gospel in the Park event. This doesn’t count the people who were in the park “lurking and listening to the message” from a distance – the loud speaker allows those who are not close by to hear the message, also. I thank the Lord, also for all of those who came out in support of this event, yesterday.

There was a video of the event but yours truly accidently deleted it thinking the file was upload to my computer from the camera. One of these times, Lord willing, we will have a video to upload for you to watch. In the meantime, my daughter took some pictures so they will be uploaded in the next days.

PLEASE KEEP REFORMATION GOSPEL MINISTRIES IN YOUR PRAYERS as we continue to spread the gospel message. Our next project will be this next Saturday, the 8th of June, as we participate in the Summer Celebration Parade put on by the Sioux Center Chamber of Commerce. We will be distributing tracts along the parade route like we did at the Tulip Festival Parades in Orange City a couple of weeks ago. Our next GOSPEL IN THE PARK will be, Lord willing, Saturday July 20th, at 7:00 p.m.

PLEASE ALSO KEEP IN PRAYER – donations have dropped off quite a bit and has resulted in limiting what are able to do. This work is donation driven as the Lord provides so please prayerfully consider making a monthly donation. All donations go to the on-going efforts of spreading the gospel to the lost, to those who sit in darkness without the Light of the Gospel shining in their hearts to “the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:6). Your donation is tax deductible, as allowed under the law.

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