Prayer Requests

We will be at the Farmer’s Market in Orange City tomorrow (August 17th, Lord willing) with at table giving away Bibles, books, and gospel tracts. It will also be a great opportunity to talk to people one-on-one about Jesus Christ; to encourage believers in the faith, and to proclaim the gospel of Christ to unbelievers. Orange City has become a stronghold for liberal thinking, both spiritually and politically (the latter is a result of the former – the political state is always a reflection of the spiritual state of a society, not just today but from the very beginning [See Genesis 4:1-8; Hosea Chapter 4]). It has embraced with open arms the LGBTQ agenda, declared Sioux County as a sanctuary county for illegals to flee as they circumvent and subvert the law, etc. This is a town and county where there are so-called Reformed churches on just about every corner. One of the booklets offered will be on the issue of homosexuality. It takes a very biblical and pastoral approach and prayerfully it will shed some godly light on a very grievous sin against our Creator and Savior.  The Gospel may be rejected, restricted, or restrained by our society, but we press on knowing that greater is He who in us than he who in the world, for Jesus Christ has overcome the world, the devil and death in His death and resurrection.

On August 29th, we will be at Dordt University, again, giving away Bibles, books, and gospel tracts. One of those books or booklets is titled, “Creation Survival Guide.” It gives wise Biblical counsel to students and parents on how to survive on-going attacks against the creation account recorded in the Bible. It very well written and every student should posses a copy in their hands before going to college, especially the so-called Christian college that teach some alternative view of creation that is according to human wise that is contrary to the clear eyewitness record found in the beginning Chapters of Genesis. We would like to purchase about 100 copies of the booklet but lack the funding at this time . . . I believe the Lord will provide. This leads to the final prayer request.

Finally, but not least, we need prayer about the on-going viability of this ministry. As of today, the expected donation from our major donor has not been received. I believe it is because of the person’s situation and not anything to do with the ministry. We need regular donors in order to keep this work going in spreading the gospel of Christ.  Please pray not about the upcoming 2 activities, but also about how we might be able to reach out with fund-raising efforts in a biblical and meaningful way. (BTW, we have several requests for gospel tracts to be sent overseas to 3 different countries; Liberia, Nigeria and India – but we don’t have the funding to meet those requests.)

Thank you for your support and your prayers. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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