Farmers Market Praise Report

We had a great opportunity yesterday, August 17th, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ at the Farmers Market in Orange City, Iowa. We gave away books, booklets, and gospel tracts as we took the message of Christ out to the highways and bi-ways, literally. Those who stopped at our table on the street spoke very encouraging words who also took some of our booklets that addressed doctrinal issues from creation to homosexuality. Other we witnessed Christ to, we also gave gospel tracts to for them to consider further the salvation that is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some pictures:

Our next activity, Lord willing, will be to participate, August 29th, in the Dordt University, Sioux Center, Iowa, “Taste of Sioux Center” for new and returning students. Again, we will have our table set up with Bibles, books, booklets and gospel tracts to give away to student to encourage them and help them to remain steadfast in the faith while they attend the university – it is a stronghold for advancing the various unbiblical teachings of evolution in contradiction to the clear teaching of Scripture, God’s word. We hope to hand out about 100 copies of the booklet, “Creation Survival Guide,” published by Creation Ministries International. It is a very helpful tool for students and parents as they face challenges related to creation in a respectful way, while remaining steadfast in upholding the historical account of creation, as recorded in Scripture.

Please keep these efforts in prayer, praying that God will be glorified in bringing some to faith in Jesus Christ, and encouraging and strengthening others in the faith.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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