Farmers Market Report – September 21, 2019

We had a great day talking to people about the Lord and giving away books and tracts. I would like thank the Lord for Mike VanDixhoorn, who volunteered to help at the booth. He was a great help in managing the canopy and was a “natural” as he talked to people about the Lord and what RGM is all about.

What a blessing it was to see people taking the booklet on Gay Marriage, published by Creation Ministries International. This booklet is an uncompromising approach to the whole LGBTQ issue. While remaining biblical in its approach it is also compassionate, offering hope through Jesus Christ for those who are caught up in this lifestyle. It is also an excellent resource for those who know someone caught up in this sinful mindset and/or practice. It was good to be able to give hope to several people who were looking for some direction on this issue.

We also gave away a number of booklets titled, “The Creation Survival Guide,” again published by Creation Ministries International. A compromised view of creation will ultimately lead to a compromised view of the Gospel, if not an outright denial of it. There are way too many of our youth fall away from the faith or compromising on it because of the teaching of evolution, especially in its so-called “Christianized” form, such as Theistic Evolution. This guide is an excellent booklet that helps students and parents navigate through the myriads of assaults against the creation account recorded in Genesis by professors and others who have embrace the myth of evolution, theistic evolution or an old age of the earth (millions of years old). Not only does it give sound Biblical and scientific reason to rejecting evolution; it gives sound counsel on how respond to such teaching in the classroom and how to respond to questions that are clearly designed to test you on material that is contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture.

And then finally, we were encouraged with fact there were many people who had heard about Reformation Gospel Ministries and even came to our booth having been referred to it by someone else. One person said she wanted to come to the creation conference held in April but was unable to and planned to attend next year’s creation conference the last Saturday of March. She also said she was planning to attend the Fall Conference and Rally on Nonvember 1st and 2nd of this year. It was truly a joy to talk to many people about the Lord and having leave with joy in their hearts and a renewed desired to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to others in their community. This is what RGM is all about.

We are praying the Lord will use this effort to glorify Himself as we proclaim the good news of the salvation that is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, according to Scripture alone! Please continue to pray for this ministries as the Lord seems to be blessing the many way that we have reached out to the area with gospel of Jesus Christ.

– Soli Deo gloria!

BTW, I forgot to take pictures so I have attached a picture from last month’s Farmers Market booth.

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