A Day of Prayer for Repentance, Reformation and Revival . . . That our Joy may be in “The God of Our Salvation” through Jesus Christ our Lord

“Though the fig tree may not blossom, Nor fruit be on the vines; Though the labor of the olive may fail, And the fields yield no food; Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls— Yet I will rejoice in the Lord , I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, And He will make me walk on my high hills. To the Chief Musician. With my stringed instruments.” (Habakkuk 3:17‭-‬19 NKJV)

I pray you are having a blessed day in the Lord on this His day, as we remember all benefits and blessings of what he obtained for us in His one atoning death on the cross and His resurrection; the forgiveness of sins, righteousness, salvation, and everlasting life; His eternal, almighty care and comfort as we endure the trials, troubles and afflictions of our day; His reassuring Spirit that calms our fears and anxious moments, who strengthens our faith day by day, moment by moment, so that our doubts and unbelief do not overcome us, as we lean on the God of our salvation through Jesus Christ more and more so that He alone is glorified in all that we say and do.

Below is a good recommendation from Dr. Terry Mortenson for this day of prayer:

As President Trump has called for a National Day of Prayer on Sunday and the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have also called for prayer, let us all set aside our other activities to pray for our nation and others. . . .
Like the prayer of Daniel, the righteous prophet of Israel, in Daniel 9, we need to begin by confessing the sins of our nation.  May this not just be a day of prayer for protection from the virus but also a day of repentance.
Let us confess the sins of our nation and the church, including:
            Our murder of 61 million babies in the womb through abortion
            Our perversion of sex, gender and marriage through the heterosexual revolution of the 1960s and now in the current LGBTQ revolution
            Our expelling of God and His Word from our public life in television, movies, K-12 schools, universities, halls of government, etc.
            Our compromise of the church with the lies of evolution and millions of years, of secular psychology, of wicked rock music
            Our idolatry of sports, sex and materialism
            Our lack of bold witness for the gospel
            Our failures to honor the sanctity of marriage through our self-indulgence in pornography, adultery and divorce
            Our failures to teach our children by word and consistent example to live under the authority of the Word of God
Let us pray for God’s mercy on our nation.  We cannot ask for His blessing as we continue in rampant sin.
Let us pray for our leaders to truly recognize their need for God and to have wisdom in how to respond to this global crisis.
Let us pray for revival in the church in America.  Pray for pastors to be bold in proclaiming the truth of God’s Word.  Pray for Christians to repent of their unbelief and disobedience.
Let us also pray for God to purify His church around the world and for the church to arise as a shining light through word and deed in a world now gripped in fear.  May we Christians be filled with peace and joy as we trust our sovereign Lord to be faithful to the promises in His Word as we minister to others.
May God be glorified, His church strengthened and many lost sinners brought to Christ in these trying times.”

Terry Mortenson, MDiv, PhD
Speaker, Writer, Researcher, Event Outreach
(859) 727-2222 ext. 480 AnswersinGenesis  Creation Museum  Ark Encounter”

Soli Deo Gloria!

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