Exciting News – A Letter from Nigeria

I am excited to share with you a letter from Joseph of Nigeria. He was going to send this letter earlier this year (in May), but because of the CoVid restrictions in place at the time he was only able to mail it just recently. After confirming the authenticity of the letter and its contents with him (confirming it wasn’t a general letter sent out to different organizations), I wanted to let you know that God is at work in converting souls through Reformation Gospel Ministries. I have edited out his contact info to keep his exact location from public viewing so as to protect him from those who would seek him harm.

Joseph was a devoted Muslim who has come to faith in Jesus Christ through the “messages and publications” of RGM. We rejoice in God’s abounding grace who was pleased to save this young man and deliver him out of the darkness of Islam. He has since become a strong witness to the Gospel of Christ and by the grace of God many have come to faith in Christ and many others who had fallen away have returned to the Faith, once delivered to the saint in Christ, as revealed in God’s infallible, inerrant word.

Because of his strong witness he has a need for many Bibles, as you will read from his letter. Unfortunately, we are only able to send him a few at a time because we lack the financial resources to send more. This has also become a hinderance in sending Bibles and gospel tracts to new contacts in India and Kenya.

We value greatly your prayer support for this ministry; however, won’t you please also help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with your donations. There is a great hunger for the truth and the light of the Gospel in countries where darkness has overcome many souls.

To help spread the Gospel to not only those in other nations but also here in the United States: CLICK HERE

Soli Deo Gloria!

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