RGM Ministry Update – September, 2021

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things? For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.”

2 Corinthians 2:14-17 NKJ

From this passage in 2nd Corinthians the believer in Christ is given a perspective of evangelism that ought to bring much comfort and joy as we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to whomever God leads you to speak of His goodness and grace through our Savior Jesus Christ. From this passage we learn many different elements contributing to an overall evangelistic biblical worldview. However, I would like to draw 2 points from it, briefly. First, we are not sufficient in ourselves to do the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our sufficiency is from God as He works grace in our hearts to speak the truth without compromise in the gospel, according to the Bible, not what we think it is (we do not proclaim a political or social gospel though embracing the gospel may be reflected in our view of politics, and will most certainly cause us to look with compassion on the needs of others). Whether we ‘feel’ adequate or “sufficient” is irrelevant to the Christian mandate from God to proclaim the Gospel – it is an act of faith – we ought to ‘feel’ compelled by the love of God and for our neighbor (including our enemies) to do so, regardless – that God may be glorified in our words and deeds.

Second, when we proclaim the gospel faithfully, we will be triumphant in that gospel message; no matter the response we get from the hearer(s). We ought not to get discouraged when the message is rejected for many will reject it and only a few will embrace it with a believing heart. No matter what the response our faithful proclamation of the gospel is a fragrance of Christ: to the one who is saved, it is an aroma of life to life; to the one who is perishing, it is an aroma death unto death. So it is that the gospel will always accomplish its purpose when done faithfully and biblically, because will always work God’s will in the hearer, whether to justify the sinner or to further condemn the sinner, as He has determined before the foundation of the world.

Therefore, we ought go in the compassion and confidence of the Lord to sinners (no matter the outward appearance of, or the life lived, by the person) as God gives us opportunity; and leave the results to God whether the sinner will hear the call of the gospel and come to Christ, or will hear the call and turn away from it, suppressing the truth in unrighteousness and further justifying their condemnation. All to the glory of God!

At RGM we are dedicated to spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ without compromise. It is the truth that saves the world of sinners. It is the only true message of salvation and everlasting life; God’s salvation and light to sinners everywhere. We are laboring to spread the gospel both in the United States and to other nations; taking the message of Jesus Christ to the lost and those who sit in darkness. As part of that work and ministry we provide the opportunities for the saints to indirectly and directly participate in spreading the gospel to the nations and all people groups, to as many as will hear the gospel. It is sad to note that the gospel message has been so watered down so as to be nothing more than a man-centered works righteousness message, especially in much of western society. (It is impossible to live a godly life to the glory of God alone, unless God works grace in the sinner’s heart.) As a result, the true gospel message is changed and redefined (think, ‘re-imagined’) to compromise with the views of the world and the ungodly mindset that embraces all that is contrary to what is taught in the Bible; the infallible, inerrant word of God. In order to combat unbiblical evangelism we, at RGM, are committed to the Reformed Confessions and Creeds as biblical expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, formulating our tracts and evangelism efforts drawing from those 16th and 17th century documents of the Faith.

Many blessings to you through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord,

Rev. Richard Stetler


We are excited to report the following activities in September:

Please note that the updates have been separated into 2 reports one for the United States, the other for our international outreach efforts. The international update for July, August and September has been sent out and can be found on our website at International Evangelism Projects Ministry Update – July, August & September 2021 – Reformation Gospel Ministries.

Local Community Outreach Efforts

In September our summer activities were winding down with one event and a couple of outreach efforts:

 Gospel in the Park:

On September 18th we held our third and last Gospel in the Park events for 2021. The theme for the event was “Truth: Missing in Action” Rev. Richard Stetler delivered a gospel message based on John 18:38, where Pilate responds to Jesus at His trial asking the question, “What is truth?”

We also had a group of 4 singers and a key board accompanist, led by Gary Vander Hart singing gospel songs before and after the message. We thank the Lord for them and hope to have them back next year.

Farmers Market, Sioux Center, IA:

On the 22nd and 29th of September, we had a booth at the Sioux Center Farmers Market. The market is held in the parking lot of the Sioux Center Centre Mall, IA. On both days we were able to find a spot in the shade; so we didn’t need to put up the canopy. We had lots of visitors with whom we had great conversations concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We gave a way many Bibles, books and other literature to help people witness the goodness and grace of God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. All of our Bible, books and material are free. Several hundred dollars of books and material were given away thanks to the generous donations from individuals and churches. We want to thank Harlan Boer for volunteering to help at these events.

September 22nd:

September 29th:


Weekly Bible Study:

We continue to hold our weekly Bible study when I’m not preaching at churches out of town. We are studying the Book of Revelation and have titled the study, “The Gospel According to Revelation.”  We are using “Pulling Back the Curtain,” by Matthew Powell, to guide us through this very misunderstood book of the Bible. We just finished Revelation Chapter 9. We meet every Lord’s Day at 2 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Sioux Center, IA. You can contact Rev. Stetler by email at refgosmin@gamil.com or by phone at (712) 441-5793 for more information and any updates as to where we are in the study and when the next meeting will be.

Future Activities of RGM (A Schedule of Activities for 2022 will available by the next update):

Conferences for this Year and Beyond:

The Fall Reformation Conference on October 29th and 30th – Friday Evening and Saturday morning

The title of the conference will be, “Biblical Worldview and the Great Commission.” It will focus on the Christian worldview and how it affects our evangelism individually and as a church.  The speaker is Dr. Sacha Walicord, a former professor at Dordt University and is a visiting professor for worldview and apologetics at the Akademie fuer Reformatorische Theologie (Reformed Theological Seminary) in Giessen, Germany. He is also a board member of RGM.

2022 Conferences are being planned:

1. The Annual Creation Conference is scheduled for March 26, 2022.

The title of the conference will be: “Biblical Creation: No Compromise” – The focus of the conference will be on how to answer those who hold to compromise views of the creation account of Genesis. The speaker will be Dr. Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International. He has written several books on creation including the book, “Refuting Compromise.” It will be an encouragement to all believers as we fight a spiritual battle against the lies and deceptions of the devil through his ministers that disguise themselves as “ministers of light.”

Click here to register for this free event (registration not required, but helpful): Creation: No Compromise Tickets

2. The Creation Conference in Dublin, Ireland that was planned for May 21, 2022. The conference will be held in partner with Araan Reformed Baptist Church of Dublin. Rev. Stetler has been working with Rev. Mark Fitzpatrick to coordinate this very important outreach event in the Dublin area. Mark is the pastor of Arann RBC and the chairman of Reformation Ireland. Please keep that event in prayer.

3. The Annual Fall Conference for 2022 is being planned for the end of October of that year. The proposed theme will be “Biblical Citizenship and Reformation.” Though we are citizens of the United States or of a particular country, we are also citizens of the kingdom of God. So how does this dual citizenship work out in a fallen world. What does Scripture teach us concerning this dual citizenship? We hope to have multiple speakers to make presentations on various subjects surrounding the topic of how we might live our lives under this dual citizenship in today’s political and social environment that has grown more and more hostile toward the gospel message and Biblical Christianity.

If you would like to volunteer to help at any one of our activities or events, please contact Rev. Stetler at refgosmin@gmail.com or by phone at (712) 441-5793.

For the monthly Financial Report (September, 2021), please scroll down to the next page.

Please keep Reformation Gospel Ministries in your prayers. We are in need of your financial support to fund the many projects we are currently engaged in – please prayerfully consider giving to this work of the Lord as we reach out to the lost in many countries throughout the world. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate: Donate – Reformation Gospel Ministries

Your Servant in Christ,

Richard Stetler, CEO

Financial Report, as of September 30, 2021

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