A Well Founded Hope in Times When Hope is not Evident in This World!

It is because Christ bore the sins of many when He came some 2,000 years ago that we can look by faith with eagerness to His Second coming, when His coming will be “apart from sin.” He will come to not to bear the sins of many, since His death on the cross the first time satisfied forever God’s justice against sin and sinners, paying in full the penalty for sin. His Second coming will be to redeem His purchased possession to the praise of His glory (Ephesians 1:14), to take His saints with into eternal blessedness where there will be no presence of sin and its consequences; no death, no sorrow, no pain. Let this hope bring you peace in anxious times, confidence in times of persecution, and joy when trials overwhelm your heart in a sea of trouble. When contrary to hope, let this hope drive you to continue in serving the Lord in His strength, in the abundance of His grace. Marantha – Come quickly, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:12) – Soli Deo Gloria!

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