The Gospel: Justice, Mercy and Faith

As Jesus warns the scribes and Pharisees for being hypocrites, He tells them that though the external religious duties area important, it is the gospel that is more important. For it is out of the gospel flows our outward duties of faith. Justice is understanding that we all rightly stand condemned before a holy God. The Greek word translated here is used elsewhere in Scripture to give us the understanding of judgment and condemnation.

And yet, though we rightly deserve the condemnation of Hell (see v. 33), God had mercy on the condemned (that’s you and me; Romans 3:9-23). However, that mercy of God was driven by His grace, His underserving favor to all and on all whom He chose from before the foundation of the world (Epensians 1:3). His mercy was not a capricious or random feeling, but rather a deliberate, predetermined act on His part in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross, paying the penalty for our sin and removing condemnation of sin that rightly belonged to us.

Not only did Jesus die for our sins He also rose again having obtained for all who belong to Him (according to God’s redemptive plan, not their choice of Him, which they would never do being in bondage to sin), their justification before God. As the risen Savior all authority was given to Him, who now sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven. From that place of authority Jesus Christ sends the Holy Spirit, to apply the blood that was shed and to regenerate the hearts of all who belong to Him, giving them repentant hearts and the gift of faith. It is through this gift of faith that all who belong to Christ, all who were chosen by God, come to the Father through Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin, righteousness, salvation, and everlasting life. It by this faith that we also know we belong to God through Jesus Christ. By embracing by faith all that Christ has accomplished in His death and resurrection for sinner, as belonging to you, you can be assured that you belong to God.

This is the “weightier matters” that Jesus spoke of against the hypocrites of His day and ours; God’s Justice, Mercy through Jesus Christ, and the unwavering Faith by the Holy Spirit. May God’s grace abound towards us that we not become hypocrites, following after the comandments and traditions of men, but rather remain faithful in proclaiming the good news in our words. Moreover, by faith proclaiming in our lives the gospel in thankfulness for what Christ has done on our behalf in His death and resurrection.

According to Romans 10:13, we are called to come to Christ in repentance of our sins, as we by faith call on the name of Jesus Christ for our salvation. Will you call of the gospel of Jesus Christ and call on Him today; this is the day of salvation, and this day can end at anytime; Christ is coming soon and the day of salvation will end on that day; or before, should one die (Hebrews 9:27).

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