Taking the Gospel Message to Liberia

What a blessing and privilege it was to be given the opportunity to deliver a gospel message to about 200 people in Liberia. Rev. James Kartee invited Rev. Stetler to preach a message at one of their crusade meetings in Liberia through the Rose of Sharon Ministry, a mission work supported by the Chino United Reformed Church, California.

No, I didn’t go to Liberia! However, Lord willing, I would welcome the opportunity to go and preach in person to the people there. It was a new experience for Rev. Stetler. We used the video chat in Messenger to communicate. Rev. Kartee put a mic up to his phone while I delivered the message that was broadcast over the PA system. He said that the people could clearly hear the message and were blessed in the hearing of it. Praise and glory to God alone!

I pray that God will use it to call to salvation His elect by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, turning away from serving sin in unrighteousness and with repentant hearts, turning toward God alone with hearts filled with His love in gratitute to Him for their salvation through Jesus Christ.

Please keep Rev. James Kartee and the Rose of Sharon Ministry in your prayers as well as Reformation Gospel Ministries, as we seek to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and those who sit in darkness under the condemnation of sin.

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