Living Fossils Evidence the Truth and Accuracy of the Bible and the Gospel Record

Living fossils speak in support of the Genesis account of a universal flood, Noah’s flood (Genesis Chapters 7-8); not an evolutionary process as conventional thought would have us believe.

The Bible is the infallible, inerrant, inspired word of God. It is an eyewitness account recorded by Moses as he was moved by God to write. If the historical accounts as recorded in the beginning Chapters of Genesis are not true or accurate then what makes you think any of the rest of Bible true; much less an accurate historical account of God’s interactions with sinners with whom has established an everlasting covenant through the blood of Jesus Christ? If Genesis is not true and accurate then the Gospel records can be called into question by the same standards of interpretation applied to Genesis.

Be assured, Jesus Christ was really born of a virgin; He really did perform the miracle recorded in the Gospels; He really did die on the cross for our sins, paying the penalty for them removing them once and for all time from sinners, appeasing the wrath of God against sinners and redeeming for Himself a people zealous for good works done by faith according to God’s word. He really did rise again from the dead securing for all who believe in Him alone the eternal hope of everlasting life. Therefore, by faith and in repentance of sin call on the name of Jesus Christ and you will be saved; and then by faith with a thankful heart live to Him who saved you and will keep you until the end.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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