Will Science Determine Whether Jesus Christ Really Resurrected from the Grave?


The article linked below is a review of “Controversy of the Ages: Why Christians should not divide over the age of the earth” by Theodore J. Cabal and Peter J. Rasor II, Weaver Book Company, Wooster, OH, 2017, by Nick Sabato.

Nick writes quite strongly but compassionately against the idea that a person can believe in the inerrancy of Scripture hold to “Evolution Creationism” or “Old Earth Creation”; two views that directly contradict the historical accounts as recorded in Genesis Chapters 1-11. As I read the article I couldn’t help but think of all the miracles recorded in Scripture that were done, especially by Jesus Himself; and that even His own death and resurrection could be called into question if we allow science to interpret Scripture.

This method of interpreting reality is in direct conflict with the rules of interpretation, which inform us that we understand the general with the specific, the vague by the clear, the non-propositional (science) by the propostional (the Bible). Therefore, we must interpret the general, science, with the specific, the Written Word of God, the Bible; not the other way around.

This epistemological issue alone can have a devestating effect when man’s interpretation of science is allowed to interpret the Genesis account of the origin of life, Adam and Eve, and the Flood – and not just in Genesis – the whole Biblical record can be called into question, including the Gospel accounts of the New Testament. If science is said to interpret Scripture, then who is to say it stops in Genesis; meaning, under this formulation the whole gospel message, at best, becomes open to man’s interpretation turning it into a parable of life when a person lives committed to so-called “sacrificial love” which may defined in whatever way one conceives of that phrase. And since science informs us that no one resurrects from the dead with a glorified body, as record in the New Testament, then Jesus could not have resurrected from the dead but is only a metaphor of metaphysical change in a person’s life. If the message utterly destroyed it is at best weakened and ineffective.

The article points out that not all who hold to an Old-earth creation have come to this conclusion; but there are many who have; the latter are more consistent than the former in their espitemology.

The Creation isssue is NOT a side issue. Holding to Genesis account is vital to maintaining a steadfast faith in the Jesus of Scripture and not some made up person of someone’s imagination.

Therefore, if you are able to attend the “Creation Not Confusion” conference on April 27th at the Sioux Center, IA, Event Center, I would encourage you to go. For more information click on the second lind below:

An excellent article: Controversy of the Ages – A Review

For more information, and to register to go the “Creation Not Confusion” Conference: The Creation Not Confusion Conference

Soli Deo Gloria!

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