The Creation Not Confusion Conference Slideshow – Part 1 of 3

Though the conference was videoed the sound didn’t come through. So the link below will take you a shortened version of his first presentation on April 27th (about 15-20 minutes in length).  After a brief introduction the presentation will begin.

This slideshow will give you a taste of the material presented by Joel Tay of Creation Ministries International (CMI).

Reformation Gospel Ministries (RGM) produced and published the slideshow linked below by permission of CMI for non-commercial and educational use only.  The file may be downloaded and used accordingly.  Please feel free to share with whom you believe will benefit from it.

All rights are reserved as to the slideshow and the material imaged in it – 2019.

May the Lord use this to encourage you to boldly and confidently proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ – Soli Deo Gloria!

Creation Not Confusion Conference Slideshow (Held April 27th and 28th)

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